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  1. I'm using the 6000 modem. I had good internet connectivity for about five months before the issue occured. I tried to hook up a Cisco router to my modem and set up a network so I could use my notebook wirelessly. The connection worked perfectly on the first day. After I restarted my computer, My LAN would show "limited or no connectivity". I decided to ping the router and recieved "destination host unreachable". When I went to repair the connection, I noticed that the issue was that I was not able to have an IP address assigned to my computer. Tech support gave me one and I was able to use it. The LAN then showed that it was connected fine, but my browser would not open any pages. I tried to put in the search bar, but my browser could not open it. I tried these steps on both of my computers, and with the modem directly plgged into the computer without the router. I have been without connectivity for almost two months, and Hughes refuses to solve my issue. I was hoping that I could get some support from the forums. Thanks guys.
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