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  1. ahhhh...this made me think ive done something wrong.So i rechecked and the update ccs files were not in the default folder. I have found them now and applied 2000/256....it was closest to my setup(2000/200). Would these settings be satisfactory even though my upload is capped at 200k. heres a screen shot
  2. I have a gforce 5200 fx pentium 2.8ghz chip The problems started only after SP2 and cable upgrade...my upload cap is 200k yet my understanding of the tests is that i was only getting around 30k which is crap. Ive already tried altering my cfg to the hilt...set rate to 10000/20000/25000 etc etc.Im not dropping any packets,i believe my upload is the fault because to me my data packets are not getting varified quickly enough Based on my setup and tests does anyone know what to do. If i use cable nut could someone give me a list of optimised settings(cable nut only gives 5-6 changes) it
  3. Hi im new so if this is the wrong forum forgive me. Im on a 2mb cable from NTL im unsure of the DL speed but its good,however my upload speed is capped at 200k. OS xp pro SP2 ive been having huge problems with online games i play RTCW but lag bad.Ive ran a few of the tests here and they are not good ive posted the results here.I have used various tweeks starting with tcp/ip optimizer(no improvement) cable nut(no improvement) Does anyone here have any idea how i can improve with tweeks :::.. Download Stats ..:::smallest Connection is:: 1577 Kbps about 1.6 Mbps (tested with 1074 k
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