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  1. I'm running out of space on my hard drive so I purchased a new bigger drive. I have installed it in my computer & it has been formatted in NTFS. I set it as slave. What I need help in is how can I transfer everything over from the old drive to this one. I really don't want to have to install Windows fresh & then install all my programs & data. I'd like to be able to just move everything over to this new drive & then make it the master and my old one the slave to use for extra storage space. Is it possible to do this? Has anyone got any ideas on a simple way to do this? Thanks for any help in advance.
  2. I totally agree with you...to be honest I was a little surprised myself about the deal. I too have found that more often than not it's the new customers who get the better deals.
  3. Hello fikester.....nope, I'm not an old timer but I am a Directv customer. All I did was called their 1 800 number and told them I wanted to find out more about the Directv & high speed internet deal. They connected me to someone to help me. The lady said that they didn't have a bundled package for Directv customers who already had Hughesnet Sat internet but that what she could do is give me the $10/month discount off my Directv bill for one year. It took her a couple minutes and she said the discount had been applied to this months bill. Sure enough....we checked it online & $10 had been taken off the bill for this month. There is a link on their website page to click & you can check to see what high speed internet services are available in your area. The only one available for me was the Hughesnet. If you've got Directv I recommend checking it out. Hey, $10 bucks a month for a year is a pretty good discount!!
  4. There is a connection with the two of them. I found it on the Directv website. It works with Wildblue, Hughesnet, Bellsouth & I think a few others. Anyway I called Directv & asked about it & they said they didn't have a bundle package with Directv & Hughesnet for one service amount but did give me a discount of $10/month off my Directv bill for a year since I already have Hughesnet Internet service. Maybe this is what was intended by the post. Hope this helps clear some of this up. And by the way......Merry Christmas to everyone!!!
  5. Hi all....I need some help. I installed the new NIS 2007 on my computer & am pretty pleased with it. It doesn't seem to be the system hog like the old ones. Anyway, I wanted to upgrade from XP Home to XP Professional but when I run the upgrade it goes so far then says that it cannot access the C: drive; if there is an anti-virus program running please turn it off and try again. I disabled everything in NIS; I turned off Spyware Doctor and tried again but got the same message. What can I do to get to where I can upgrade?? Thanks for any help!!
  6. I use Maxthon also. I tried Avant browser but didn't like it as good as I did Maxthon. Still using the Firefox Preloader without any problems. It does load quite a bit faster now. I've tried Opera & liked it pretty good but I use Roboform & it isn't supported with Opera. Anyone know why it isn't supported?
  7. I know that Dway (now Hughes) said that the old Dway email accts would remain active till Aug 1 but for the past 2 or 3 days I can't get it to connect to the acct. The Hughesnet acct works fine but the old Dway one keeps asking for the password & saying the connection failed. Did I miss something somewhere that they stopped it earlier than they said? I checked the forum but didn't see any other posts about it; sorry if I missed that too if someone else posted it.
  8. Been using the preloader for a day or so now....doesn't seem too bad. It does speed up the loading of FF some. I'm not sure if it's worth keeping though. I'll leave it for now & see what happens.
  9. I do have a few plug ins but I try to keep them updated. I'm going to the preloader download in a moment to try it out. Didn't get a chance to yesterday. I'll let you know how it does.
  10. Thanks for the input....the preloader sounds like it will help. I'll give it a whirl.
  11. I love Firefox but when I click on it to start the browser it loads so slow. Does anyone else have this problem?
  12. Thanks cholla for the help. I appreciate you taking the time to search for some answers. I've been so busy today I really haven't had much extra time to work on it. I'll be checking out the info.
  13. I do have a scanner but its not the best. I've been working with some old photos; scanning them & then trying to clean them up to make them look sharp. Not much success yet but still hoping. All the input is helping though! Thanks!
  14. cholla....I wasn't sure if it could be done or not. If there is a way to do it I'd sure like to find it. About the free stuff....I like that too!! :haha:
  15. The Photogenics program is more pricey than I'd like....plus to be honest its a little overwhelming for me. I'm needing something simple but powerful if I can find it. Another question that may seem a bit dumb but I was wondering.....when you magnify a portion of a photo it gets more grainy or blurry....what do you do to get that cleared up or sharpen that portion?
  16. I was wondering does any know of or can you recommend a program that would help enhance older photos. I've got some pics that are older that I've scanned but they are somewhat blurry or grainy looking. I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to the process of cleaning up photos so I need some help. I'd like something fairly simple to use but powerful enough to make older pics look nice. Any ideas? : Also is there program that can enhance something in a photo that is at a distance in the photo & somewhat blurry? Thanks for your help!!
  17. I downloaded a trial version of the Kaspersky Security suite that includes AV and AntiHacker programs. I've noticed quite a bit of slow down since then. My speed tests have fallen off by about 20%. Has anyone else noticed a problem with this program or is it just me? Maybe I need to change a setting or something. Thanks for any help.
  18. brock01: I'm just trying to find some informative help. Wasn't saying I didn't believe you but just asking because I was getting two different things. Sorry if you were offended.
  19. Got a follow up comment....brock01 said that Kaspersky was low on resources but elsewhere I've read that it used quite a bit of resources. Does it use that much? Does anyone have any comments on F-Secure Internet Security program? It looks like it would be a pretty good program but not sure how the AV or Firewall is. If anyone uses it please let me know your opinion.
  20. cholla: You are right...you still incur the listing fees that were associated with the item. That is the only fees; they don't charge you for ending the auction early. I have had only one problem in all my yrs eBaying. One item I purchased that I got shafted on. It wasn't enough to warrant eBay or Paypal covering the loss (Less than $25). I still use eBay a lot. It's a great place to find good deals but as they say in their policy "buyer beware". If it sounds too good to be true; it probably is! And check out the sellers feedback!!
  21. I've bought & sold on eBay for several yrs now. It is against eBay policy to offer someone to buy their product off eBay once it has been listed. Matter of fact, eBay encourages you to report to them such instances of someone making you that kind of offer. It does happen though. When you end an auction early all you have to state is that the item is no longer for sale. Then you can do with it as you like. I sold some computer stuff once & had a couple offers from people wanting me to end the auctions early & sell to them. I didn't acknowledge their emails and let the auctions run. I'm with you...it wasn't worth the risk of having problems with eBay.
  22. Has any of you used the Kaspersky Personal Security Suite? I am impressed with their AV but not sure about the suite. Thanks!
  23. I've been looking at some Internet Security programs. I was wondering if anyone had opinions on F-Secure and Bitdefender. The two look pretty good but not sure. I've also looked at Kaspersky's program. I appreciate all the help I've gained from this forum & value your opinions. Thanks!!
  24. Found what I needed!! Thanks for the help.....got it installed & giving it a whirl. :haha:
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