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  1. Hello everybody! I hope I'm Welcome here! and I'm sorry if I posted my problem first because I'm still finding my way around the forums.. I hope that this one gets to the new members area!
  2. Hi guys! My friend is a smartbro user and is connected to her laptop(windows) and she got her son a pc, she doesn't know how to share the smartbro to the pc, so I told her to buy a router, I think that she's gonna buy a router tomorrow, and sadly she asked me how to do that.. I know some about (minor) computer repairs, but in this situation, I Know Nothing... So I just wanted to ask how to connect a laptop and a pc using a router to share the smartbro connection. From beginning to end.. I will be a fast learner I promise! And if anyone can recommend any router that's not so fancy but effie
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