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  1. Well the problem was already "solved", the videocard really blew =/, it was when i was playing a high definition game, + the cooler of the videocard was malfunctioning because of excessive dirty (lol its 4 years old and i never cleaned it), well and my font overheated my pc a lot, I only noticed it when it was too late... then i exchanged my video card for a better one and fixed my font so it won't overheat my computer again
  2. *sigh* means its broken? =/ its not on warranty im thinking on buying a new one =/
  3. I know as i said above i have another video card but its likely-blown and I wanted to know if its really blown.......I am using this pc right now on the onboard videocard, if i unplug the monitor NOW and plug into the separate-video card the monitor light gets orange like if its inactive, the screen black. and I ve tried a lot of things already =(
  4. Well I have a Pentium 4 3.20GHz... PCI Express with onboard video card.. i am able to see the screen by this onboard videocard but it doesnt run any games(ye i play lots of them).... i have a radeon videocard here...and it doesn`t work anymore and i don`t know if it is blown.... i was playing a game one day and the screen and sound froze... i reboot the pc and it looked normal but the monitor showed orange light as the computer was inative and it didnt go out of it... then i plugged the monitor into the onboard video card and it worked...at first i thought it was blown but then i saw that its fan was working... i dont know what to do now =/ EDIT: I have tried many things already ,including: unplugging and plugging the video card, reinstalling the driver but nothing works =/
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