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  1. I'm not sure I follow that, Granpa. If I use a switch instead of a splitter, then if someone in the guest house wants to go online they'll have to come over here and turn on the switch - right? At least that's how it is with a tv switch. And if they're on line in the guest house, and I throw the switch to use this computer, I'll cut them off!
  2. Hi Grandpa I'm talking about splitting the ethernet cable at the modem, with one line to my PC and running the other line in conduit to the guest house. With more research on the web, I'm realizing that there are other options - like an outdoor wireless router - or an outside directional antennae pointed right at the guest house. Of course the wifi router would have to have an external antenna jack to support that. When I get the installer over here I can ask him about all this stuff and maybe be able to ask intelligent questions. I've had a lot of experience aiming tv dishes. We RV'ed for several years, until diesel fuel hit 4 bucks and I got so good at it that I could often setup the portable dish without the compass or satellite finder! I imagine the internet is more precise, though. Jack
  3. Thanks Zalternate everyone else - I got the info I need! The ethernet networking cable can run to a max of 300', well within my requirements. The splitters are readily available everywhere. So, I'm ready to order the service and bury the 2" pipe in concrete. Thanks again - I really appreciate it. I'll probably be back with problems after it's installed. Jack
  4. Yeah -- the ethernet cable would be the way to go. I've stepped-off the distance - + or - 200 feet. What would I do with the second ethernet cable at the main modem box in the house? A splitter? Where can I find data on max distances for ethernet cables? Thanks for your help and Happy New Year. Jack I have one teenage grandaughter who might download too much data - my son and his wife just use it to keep up with business and correspondence. I'll lay down some rules for my grandaughter -no movies, music or games. Youtube and Myspace are okay.
  5. Thanks Tommie. That's a good idea and I can do it myself after installation if the wireless router doesn't work. Just a matter of a regular coaxial splitter (or two, since it uses a dual RG6 cable for receive and send) and running another cable from the dish to the guest house. I guess it will take a regular splitter like we use on our sat tv cables, huh? I'm worried that it's too far for wifi, but I'll try that first. As long as I'll have the option of running another cable, and if I know for sure that I can get an additional modem if I need it, I'll go ahead and get it installed. I'm having a little trouble getting this past my wife of 40 years I promised her I'd stay within that $60/mo basic service - but made no promises on initial equipment costs. Jack
  6. Thanks for the link. But it's a paid membership site. I couldn't find the answers I need on the freebie part - like the coordinates. Jack
  7. Greetings: I live in a rural area of Texas with antiquated phone lines that will not carry hi-speed internet. My Earthlink dial-up runs at 26.4Kbps - usable only for text material like this. I am considering Hughes satellite internet. Wild Blue is not currently available in my zip code. I am retired and monthly cost is a factor - but I'm not worried about one-time initial installation costs and don't want to scrimp on that. I want the best equipment I can buy while staying within the $60/month cost. I need some independent advice to confirm what my local dealer (who doesn't seem all that knowledgeable to me ) is saying. So here's the situation: I have two houses, about 200 feet apart, that I need to serve. My dealer says I can use a wireless router from the computer in the main house to a properly equipped laptop in the guest house. Both buildings have wood siding and drywall interiors. Before I commit to this I want to make absolutely sure it will work. If it doesn't work in both structures, it's useless to me - and I can't afford a high monthly bill for a commercial system. My kids won't come to visit because they can't get the internet! The location of the dish will be about halfway between these two buildings where there's a clear area through the trees. I need the magnetic azimuth and elevation of the satellite for zip code 75979 to make sure, but I can't find the coordinates on the web. I'll set the post myself before the installer comes. I may have to cut down some trees, so I need to know the coordinates. I'm skeptical about this wifi setup, given the distance, and would prefer to use a splitter at the dish (the laptop in the guest house and the PC in the main house will NOT be used at the same time) and run the dual coaxial cable to each building separately, each with it's own modem. Will Hughes sell me an additional modem without raising the monthly costs - since it will still be a "one computer at a time" installation? My dealer seems overly anxious to make the sale and I really need some outside advice on this installation. Thanks very much. Jack Ellis Woodville, Texas
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