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  1. Thank you folks! How pleasant and kind of you. Roco: Yes indeed the Samoyeds are mine. Krystal aka "Sleek Beauty" is 14 in July of this year. I have had her from a 6 week puppy. Mysczka I rescued when she was 2 & is now 12 and a half. She is known as "The Grand Duchess of St., Petersburgh". Sadly, she was very badly treated and it took the best part of 5 years before she realized that the male foot is not just for kicking, and a male voice can be raised in fun. She took to my wife instantly, so that tells a tale. I used to have three, but Nykita was stolen from me some 6 years ago...They were a handful, hence the 'sig'... Are you a Southerner, Midlander or Northener?
  2. Good morning & a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. Thank you for the warm welcome. I anticipate a long and enjoyable association.
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