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  1. Okay. I'll check it out. btw, it wasn't me that got FAP'd. It was R3bb13. I don't do alot downloading. Usually stay under 25/25 with the wildblue meter.
  2. "I'm also a WB user (sigh) but try this to monitor your usage.It's free" Could you explain what if any difference there is in metal-machine and the one wildblue (or dishnet) provides? thanks, Lisa
  3. Hi tommie, thanks for the reply. We did check it bypassing the router. Same result.
  4. I'm waiting on a service call as I write this. What a great site! I'll find an appropriate thread to post in after the service call. Only getting about .8 speed; supposed to get 1.5. I use a router but that's not the trouble. I don't have a very complicated setup. One laptop, one desktop, one wireless printer (all HP) and a linksys router. Oh, how I wish I could have true high speed. Even when testing shows 1.5, Wildblue is still slow to load pages. But that's the trade off for living in the boondocks! I've got a lot to learn and am so glad to have this resource with so many learned members! Lisa
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