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  1. I'm trying to figure out the Twitter thing right now...maybe it will work...
  2. Yup done both and its still crappy as heck. Right now I'm at 300 kbps
  3. This is my result. Traceroute has started ... traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets 1 ( 1.713 ms 4.368 ms 35.777 ms 2 ( 118.658 ms 92.031 ms 263.797 ms 3 ge-2-3-ur01.eastorange.fl.lakecnty.comcast.net ( 74.383 ms 358.590 ms 243.466 ms 4 te-5-1-ur02.nworange.fl.lakecnty.comcast.net ( 114.549 ms 152.892 ms 74.569 ms 5 te-1-3-ur01.mtplymouth.fl.lakecnty.comcast.net ( 523.082 ms 69.801 ms 98.477 ms 6 te-2-1-ur01.mtdora.fl.la
  4. I have not done that. I actually dont know what it is.
  5. Yes but what I'm getting is not worth the $52 that I pay. All I really want to do is play my games without them lagging! So therefore I'm not going to be happy with what I'm getting. I'm a poor college student dishing out money for something that is rather slow. Maybe if my complex would take the hint and change ISPs
  6. See that's what I thought, but I asked the people at Comcast about that, they give me some bull saying that that's not true.
  7. Hey guys I have a Mac and I have Comcast. And boy does it suck. I cant play games without it lagging. I havent tried any tweaking programs. Oh and on another note. I cant change ISP because this apartment complex is dumb and its the only place we can get internet from. Lame! I ran the test from testmy.net and this is what it came up with Your connection is: 1251 Kbps or 1.3 Mbps You downloaded at: 153 kB/s You are running: 22 times faster than 56K and can download 1 megabyte in 6.69 second(s) Member Ident:Username:mjay252 CompID:699353039914 Test Time:: 2009/01/14 -
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