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  1. I went from RR Turbo to Extreme service a few months ago, here in Cincinnati Ohio. The service is supposed to test 30mbps down/ 5mbps up. Using all kinds of speed test sites, it tested close the first week. *********Even West Coast test sites.********* Then for 4-5 weeks it went south. After countless phone calls & e-mails, they now have it testing 30/5 on local & short hops. For about three weeks now, if I try to speed test a west coast server, my download is lower than my upload speed ? When I speed test N.J. I get about 15mbps down, but I only get 2mbps to Sanfrancisco. There has to be a over stressed hub/node some where. I game late at night to west coast...Please Help When my Extreme was running right, I got about 26-28mbps here, now I getting about 12-15mbps here... I guess I need an IP to west coast to trace.
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