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  1. This thread was already degraded when I got here.

    Wildblue states: "WildBlue's always-on broadband Internet connection provides a user experience similar to most DSL services"

    Because Wildblue isn't an "always-on" broadband Internet connection?  Why?  Because it may go out when it comes a storm.

    "Raise the monthly price."

    Yeah, that'll go over REALLY well!

    WB has launched another satellite in orbit that is supposed to be on later this year that will help out in the south.

    About the WB forums.  Most of the time it's the same thing, different day, different people.  They come on there DEMANDING something, because they can't play online games or that their VPN doesn't work.   Then there are them that need legitimate help or answers.  A lot of the "regulars" first came on there not too happy with WB, but the mods helped them in a way that Customer Service could not.  Because apparently you know Tech Support only can say what they are "told" to say.

    I don't know who you are talking about advertising.  All I EVER see is HughesNet commercials on my TV.  You're right, they make sure to go out of their way to grab a poor dial up soul (and even people on DSL that THINK satellite is a newer technology and it's better) and promise them the world and then some, and then have them sucked in for 2 years -- nagging them about every 6-12 months to upgrade to their "newer and best" modem.  Shit.

    You got that right.

  2. Wild Blue is no better. They have equal complaints on them. To me so far have not heard of a satelite setup worth really bragging about. Not that their isn't. But its not gonna be wild blue over hughes for sure.   :lol:

    Well, I personally don't always follow what OTHER people say about something (which I'm sure half were just misinformed and had expectations that were not [and will not ever be] in sync with satellite internet).  Therefore, they got screwed on their behalf, because A LOT (just about everyone that comes on the forums) do not research before signing a contract.  Then complain about something that if -- IF-- they had researched, then they would have decided THEN that it was not for them and to move on to something that is more in sync with their expectations on internet access.

    I go my own experiences, and so far I have had nothing but good come from WildBlue.  I can not say, that if something "better" (as in not satellite), I wouldn't jump on that.  So far, it's either WB or HN.  I've had my share with HN, and I decided to give WB a try and WB worked with me on some things.

  3. I'm curious what exactly you think the BBB is for.....? Seems they were founded in 1912 and still around in 2009? Myself each and everytime have used the BBB the problem found a solution.

    Im sorry WildBlue BBB rating is so terrible:  :what?:

    WildBlue Revoked :bs: by BBB for having the best services and least complaints?

    They are have a "no rating" and it says:

    Wildblue Communication's BBB Accreditation was revoked on June 26, 2008, which was due to the volume and pattern of complaints on file with the BBB. The company appealed the revocation before the BBB Board of Directors and on September 19, 2008, they reinstated the company's BBB Accreditation with stipulations.

    The company has made commitments to their customers and the BBB to correct the underlying reasons for the complaint issues brought forth. The company has also agreed to regularly meet with the BBB to participate in a monitoring program to ensure these issues are not further developing within future consumer complaints.

    The BBB Board of Directors also agreed to leave the company's rating as 'NR', ('No Rating'), while the company continues to improve on their complaint issues.

  4. I suppose the BBB report for WildBlue is also incorrect.......the customer service is actually great they just don't answer the bureau?

    As bad as hughesnet is with customer service this WB has got Hughes beat on this story http://www.techreviewcentral.com/?p=55

    If WB had such great speed and customer service.......good chance Hughes would have been under by now.

    Probably shouldn't use the BBB as your personal army against companies.  Please.

  5. Whats your upload speed...? your paying for 200k up on the select pack.

    WB has what one sat in the sky, and service how many compared to Hughes? I think this makes a fair comparison:


    I just love how you post a "source" that has HughesNet stamped all over it, also it says "An authorized HughesNet reseller".  That's what you call a "fair" comparison?!

    Just SOME of the misinformation it list:

    1) WildBlue has just recently went OVER 400,000 installations.

    2) WildBlue has 3 satellites, and it uses spot-beam technology, instead of using individual satellites for each "portion" of the world.

    3) There is no "Limitation on number of computers connected to system" that I'm aware of.

    4) That bias site conveniently skips on WildBlue's special offers.  $99 standard installation

    5) Wildblue does have extra plans available.  They are called Enterprise accounts.

    6) Their take on WB's FAP

    WildBlue's Fair Access Policy (FAP) is based on a rolling 30 day limit on data usage per customer called a usage threshold. If you exceed the FAP threshold, your bandwidth (speed) will be reduced for the remainder of the 30 day period when your system quota refreshes and you are again within your limits. During this period, your bandwidth will be reduced to 28Kbps until your system refreshes.

    You are not reduced for the "remainder" of the 30 days.   It make take 3 days, it may take 2 weeks, depending on your usage from the 30 days before.  Therefore, you can download over 300MB a day if you wish, and then cut down some.  You are reduced to 128Kbps, perhaps they forgot the "1" -- but I think not.


  6. Not bad if you consider they are copying Hughes in every way including poor service. Like you said they are comparable even down to their complaints.  :smiley:

    Again, satelite sucks. That about sums it up.

    Satellite is only for those with no [good] alternative.  Compare it to DSL, of course it sucks.  It's like comparing Dial Up to Fiber. 

    Wildblue Corporate has a forum up and running for a year now, with active WB employees that have solved many problems.  HN or no other has that.

    Like I've said, the bottom line is: A GOOD INSTALL.  WB has been saying they are trying to wean the bad ones out for a while now.  But some of the ones that install WB, also install HN.

  7. I have already been there and ask to see speed test during evening hours.... from what I have read WildBlue is having pretty good slow downs and as you say the upload is not performing either? Just dont buy the great customer service otherwise the BBB rating would be much different.

    I like this response by a WB dealer/installer to a complaining customer:

    The installer lied to you. He just wanted to get out of there rather than make sure your system was working the way it should. He should have installed the optimizer and run a couple speed test before he left. Hopefully one of the moderators will see your post today, if not send them a PM asking for help.

    it does take forever for the google page to come up. a couple things to look at here was it a peak time when you were installed ? there is no requirement for a speed test on the installers part. they can not guarantee speeds. If the tech was pulling up your home page he did his job. four greens in the qoi.

    my self i do not do speed test at a customer site unless i see something i do not like in the connection., like a slow locking modem or a easy site that grinds and does not load. i do not base the speed on the wb homepage loading it sits there and grinds what seems like for ever.


    You like it because it's honest?

    It's not a hidden fact that there ARE some bad installers in the business (that are not actually "employed" by WB, mind you).  Both WB and HN.  I bet probably half of people having problems, were due to a faulty install by a lazy installer.  That should be reported to WB, not the BBB, for christ sake.

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