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  1. Thursday Afternoon all was Great I was on iRacing all my Latency and so on was Perfect at 100% and  was even Live streaming a race and no issues.

    Then last night (Thursday) about 21:00 PDT While running a iRacing Practice and Live streaming I got a message that the YouTube stream was stopped But still in the Sim the Latency and quality numbers were fine

    at Approx. 22:30 I went to enter a Race (I mention what I am doing so everyone understand that this task requires a decent internet speed and low latency to function properly and has to have that in both directions up and down) My Latency had jumped from around 66 to fluctuating between 133-200 which 200 is in the Red and the Server connection was at 100% So their system and internet were good but the Server connection specifically for me was down to 80%.

    Now it is showing a 45% packet loss for my connection to them and my internet upload speed has dropped from 37 Mbps to between 60-90 kbps.

    I have reset the gateway 5X In hopes it would all of a sudden solve the issue and restarted my Gaming Desktop 2X

    This is first time I have had this issue that I can verify with the Speed tests since I started iRacing in 2019 and I remember years ago like maybe 5-10 I had a Modem back then (No Gateways at that time) that I had to replace and as soon as I did it solved the issue.

    Sad thing though I had to argue with the Comcast tech for quite awhile and finally demanded a New modem as I had done everything he was suggesting multiple times and was sure it was the upload section of the modem.

    I am pretty sure it is the same now but just wanted to see if anyone else thought the same??

    All drivers on my Desktop Are up to date as I am on top of that due to my iRacing and streaming 

  2. I use TCP Optimizer and I use windows 10, Windows seems to like to also on random occasions/updates reset those values back to the non optimal ones. I have used TCP Optimier now for a few years probably 10 maybe now (Geez Time flies as I get Old) I have tested using the Windows default settings then run TCP using the optimal setting reboot and retest and it has always had a much better results on both Up and down after using it.

    I also recently well last 18 months been doing a ton of iRacing and at same time streaming my races while also using online Telemetry loggers, Discord and Teamspeak apps and have had great results with no Latency or issues of any kind where I hear people that have not tested using this site nor know much about optimizing their internet have lots of issues like High Pings causing cars to vanish or get completely booted by the service due to Latency issues.

  3. well if it has anything to do with the storms lately I know Monday we could not broadcast our iRacing League race as the Head Guy doing the 4K Live streaming lives in Texas and He was without Power Internet  anything , I think his el even went off right after contacting us.

  4. Does anyone know if there is a way I can set something so that the xfinity gateway will only do a reset/reboot when I want it to?

    Way to many times now it will just turn itself off and reboot in the middle of one of my Iracing events which boots me out of server (no connection) and then I get to finish last multiple laps down depending on length of race left.

    I ask as it just did this to me where I was p14 on grid and was running p5 (p=Position) with a great chance to possible finish top 3 which would of gained me a great deal or IR and SR (ratings they use to put you in with drivers approx. same talent plus higher IR better chances of gaining more and possible gaining the WC/Pro license.

    I bet in last year I have lost 1000 or more IR just from this same issue 

    Holy cow I just went and looked and I finished dead last 22 out of 22 had I finished 6th I would of gained 70 IR (compared to the driver who did finish 6th with similar IR I had instead I lost 86. but actually I lost 156 from what I would of gained added what they deducted from me

    Normally in a race you are doing good if you gain 30-50 IR It could possibly take me 5 races finishing great to recover what I just lost due to a Xfinity self initiated reboot.

    If I need to I can manually hard boot the dang thing every night when I am not on iracing or a few hours before I plan to race .

  5. Actually I use a Budget ( what most people call budget setup) as I do not have the $$ for a better one.

    I currently use the Logitech G29 Wheel, I had a G force 6+R Shifter but they designed it where the reverse switch was on the bottom (you had to push down and push Right  and Back to get reverse) and it hit the bottom of the case and broke a connection pin.

    And for pedals A guy had a Set of Thrust master T3PA Pro's that had bad Potentiometers and he actually gave them to me all I had to do was buy the Potentiometers and replace them.

    From what I have heard from other people in my league etc. is that the Fanatec Pedals and Wheels are pretty good.


    Thrust master makes a good wheel and of course pedal set, matter of fact Thrust master has a new set of pedals I believe the T-LCM which has the Load Cell brake ( Supposed to be best braking style of pedal compared to potentiometers) and the hall effect Throttle (uses magnets so no moving parts to wear and supposed to be more accurate also.

  6. Sorry I am so late replying I somehow missed this, But if you have checked out some of the LSRTV stuff, look up iracing on you tube also they have the 24 hour races where they really run 24 hours have teams where different drivers do like 1-3 hour sessions and they switch throughout the event, Indy car stuff, IRX  ( I believe is Ralley cross) World Of Outlaws Late Model and Dirt Sprint cars .

    Quite a broad range or racing types .

  7. I sure hope you all missed that race it was horrible, first after qualifying I loaded the wrong setup so I was about .5 to .75 slower then I should be, almost had that worked out but forgot to shut my door to my room all the way and my cat decided she wanted to climb in my lap to take a Nap (which she does on occasion), she got tied up in wheel and caused me to crash then when I yelled at her to get down she freaked out and decided to go under desk where my cables are and got tangled in HDMI and unplugged monitor LOL.

    Thank goodness we have drop races and a 36 race season so I can make up for a bad finish.

    But I did get some better Camry Cup car pictures  

    2020-05-15 04-40-09_0.jpg

    2020-05-15 04-40-27_0.jpg

    2020-05-15 04-43-25_0.jpg

  8. @nanobot You should look up the iRacing Youtube channel as well as LSRTV on Youtube as they have all sorts of races Broadcast from, Dirt Midgets, Winged Sprints, UMP as well as the Coca Cola iRacing Pro Series and misc Road course stuff too.

    I hear quite a few people talk about it like it is a arcade game or so on, But in reality they have done a great job with making the tracks look and feel exactly like the real world ones as well as working the telemetry and physics to be as close to real as possible ( Obviously there is not the G forces or the wind nor the possibility of injury if you wreck)  but it still takes a lot of commitment to practicing etc. to even be close to competitive.

    Some of the races I have done I have ran 5-8 Times the laps of the race to fine tune my setups and get so I can hit my marks each lap etc.

    I have put in on occasion 4 to 5 hours practicing to run a 1 hour race.

  9. Here are 2 quick Pics I got of the Testmy.net Tundra I'll be running tonight at Michigan, I have a practice I am getting ready to do ( Just waiting for USPS they are supposed to Deliver a 15 " 1500 Watt 4 Ohm Sub and I cannot hear door if I have my headphones on I use for racing LOL)

    I will get a few more pics at better angles during practice to share to really show how the truck looks.

    2020-05-13 15-40-53_0.jpg

    2020-05-13 15-41-10_0.jpg

  10. Ya I seen the way did not do a very good job of showing my car or the Logos on it, Though I guess I can expect that as I have missed some of the cup races , the truck though I have not missed any.

    I'm sorry I thought I posted my car is the #333

    I'm also the #333 in truck.

    It is kinda Ironic how I had to give up positions as to not wreck the #40 car 5-6 different times for his driving tactics then he ends up winning and I  get 7th.

    Thing is that kind of stuff is what i'll remember next time and maybe won't be so giving, It just takes a Minor bump at Corner entrance to cause the car in front to push wide allowing to to easily pass underneath without wrecking them.


    Ill work on getting some better pics, Just realized I usually save the replays and upload to you tube but rarely get a 360° set of pictures of car or truck sitting still.

    iRacing.com Simulator 4_19_2020 10_51_50 PM.png

    Tundra Custom number.jpg

  11. So some know I run 2 cars in a League and have TMN Logos on them as what a better place to spread the word then some place where your internet speed and latency is equal if not more important to success.

    Our league Broadcasted our races last year on a smaller company which this year purchased the rites and merged with two huge broadcasting companies so now on Mondays and Thursdays were on on LSRTV which is livesimracing.com.


    I do not get anything from this but  a cool truck and cup looking car and just thought I would remind everyone in case anyone is interested in watching Sim racing some time.

    I will update this post prior to the Monday race and Thursday race at Milwaukie Speedway with the links :)


    One last sort a off topic question?? I see I started using TMN back in 2009 ( I thought it was earlier could be wrong) When did TMN officially start anyway :) For some reason I was thinking 2001-2003 possibly no idea where I came up with that year just was in my head.

  12. But still... you're getting 50% of that.  Over the years I've stated in general that you should get at least 80% before complaining.  Which is 20/2.4 Mbps... right about where your speed was before.

    Interesting how much I have forgotten over the years I remember this you said oMG back when I started using Testmy.net.

    SO even when I was at my best connections (pre Pandemic) I was just hovering around the 78-80% range.


    What IRKS me most is the blatant way Xfinity, and im sure others to push their speed tests and recommend you test to the closest server to your location (Then try to blame  the suns position, the Ethernet cable, my Gaming desktop with mega RAM, best NIC must be the problem I was so mad on time I asked the tech if next he was going to say since my cat was orangish colored that was the problem)as network traffic over distance will degrade or (Turn SLUG-ISH) When we all know every thing we search for download, stream, etc.  is always located as close to your location as possible correct?

    I mean I must of been insane thinking I needed good speed and low latency to the servers in Boston since they are far from me


    I am being super sarcastic BTW to those who may not realize this

  13. Well one thing this Pandemic has done has been great for some companies, IE iRacing and anyone who sells sim Racing hardware like Wheels, Pedals, Sim rigs and computers.

    I seen in one post or tweet that since NASCAR has been doing the iRacing stuff on fox and FS1 that about 30,000 people have signed up for iRacing and every single wheel, pedal, sim rig has been sold out from every place I have looked.

    The original reason I mentioned this before I sidetracked myself was to let the Testmy.net people know (All my iRacing vehicles have testmy.net  decals on them) is we finally have a new server farm installed on the west coast so what was an average of 133-200 MS Ping has now been dropped to between 33-66 which is awesome .


  14. I do not use Facebook but do use OBS it looks like the settings you have here are the same ones You Tube calls for I imagine it is close for Face book, Though I have been hearing a lot of people complaining about streaming and Facebook.

    Have you tried streaming to you tube or Twitch

    Oh one thing I just noticed yo are using the NVENC encoder I read in the OBS Wiki that you will get better quality of stream using the Software encoder and the CPU if possible, but if you are recording  then the NVENC Encoder is much better.

    I deal with a lot of people who stream iRacing I myself  take the replays record them and upload that as change camara views along with cars so I cannot stream as it would only show my cockpit view.


    I would also look to see what Face Book is using if anything as the Codec of your  stream 

    I found that when uploading videos you tube actually re encodes them and if you are not a top you tube channel wither in views and/or subscribers they use a older AVC codec if you are one of the channels mentioned  or upload as 1440P/60 they use the VP09 Codec

  15. SO recently iRacing has been dumping me from the servers (they) iRacing says they checked and all is good on their end and I say well I test my internet connection and speed like  fanatic and i'm all good so it is dying some place, they suggested I get Ping Plotter Program and run it pre session and leave it on in case this happens again so I have I assume data to show what is up.

    before I do that I wanted to make sure that is something I should use or do you have a better app or suggestion on what I should do?

    plus this is where they suggested I ping I think you had said this to me when you showed me issues they have which  i do not know if they ever did anything about them .




    Thanks, oh BTW new paint came out and now the outline of testmy.net is Chrome, will get vids posted soon as I have a computer now able to create them in HD.


  16. Sweet, 16" of snow pre turkey day, reminds me of when I was like 12 or 13, a long  long time ago. we would have thanksgiving at my grandmas and aunts and uncles and cousins would show up and we would play in the snow.

    The disadvantage of cable is that fact correct the more people on the (Node) the slower it gets, 

    Dose the Fibre optic type of service eliminate that or does it just get all bottle necked where those all connect?

    I think we here in Milwaukie, Oregon we have 5 or 6 houses connected to 1 main cable out next to my tree , all our cables be it phone, internet/tv or electricity is underground in neighborhood but still I find xfinity seems to have outages times a year.

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