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  1. I just noticed my Woreless mouse uses 2.4 Ghz connection also.

    That is insane, I have 2.4 Ghz Phone, Heard Microwaves can transmit 2.4 Ghz, my Mouse is 2.4 Ghz and one of the ways I can connect wirelessly is 2.4 Ghz not to mention both my SOny streaming media player and my Sony Blu-Ray DVD is 2.4 Ghz.

    Dang seems 2.4 Ghz spectrum is quite crowded maybe this is some cause for slow internet at times.

  2. WOw thanks, Ya The Internet and Wireless stuff or the technology and so on has just increased faster then I can learn it.

    When I was really into computers and building them and so on there was not even wireless available to the common person anyway, Back in 2000/2001 Now it is everywhere.

    Heck and the Stuff to do with Police scanners and The Trunking, Triple Trunking and Digital Stuff is also just as crazy.

    I will go ahead and take your word for it now, but anytime you think of a good website or link to a pdf or any you may have feel free to let me know or email them to me as I still enjoy learning this stuff.

    I went to use the Heat mapper Program and found out my battery last's about 5-7 min now, it appears to have lost 90% of its life or ability in the last month.

    Strange as not more then Id say 45 days ago it ran at least 45 min before it looked to be getting low, now it seems to run from 100% to 93% normally then from 93% to Dead in a second.

    SO I have to replace battery before I can map my area :(

    Oh holly cow, the channels are just a different frequency about the 2.4000Mhz start, now this makes so much more sense.

    I guess I should of known that as TV, Scanners all of those use channels which are just a different frequency. Not sure what I was thinking at first actually.

    In the Network settings on my laptop I can set the channel width on the 2.4 and 5 Ghz to be auto or 20 Hz only which do you think would be best? Auto to let the computer decide?

  3. I have not heard that, I know not all devices can use 5 Ghz, ( Both of my streaming media players well 1 player 1 Blu-Ray can only use 2.4 Ghz,) I do not remember what the Ipad that Died used it was a $th gen 32 GB version, need to take it somewhere and see if someone can fix it.

    I only know that on my Laptop 2.4 Ghz is limited to 144 Mbps connection speed and 5 Ghz is 300 Mbps Speed but seen on the Mapper that 2.4 Ghz says 217 Mbps and 5 Ghz says 450Mbps so maybe 5 Ghz is 2X faster but not as strong? Which seems to kinda make no sense as I would expect to have a stronger signal to insure uncorrupted data at higher speeds. 

    WHat channel do you suggest I use on the 2.4 Ghz? I see 1 and 6 listed as being used by others I will check and see what options I have in the Gateway settings. 

    I shows I can select from 1-11 so I will try 11 it is one I see no one else uses and is furthest away from others if that makes any difference. 

  4. SO Mud, you never used Tweetdeck prior to it being Murdered, desecrated, good parts cremated and reassembled as frankintwitters pet monster?

    It is a shell of the program it was intended to be, Funny after post I looked in my Back-up drive and found the original Tweetdeck application files I downloaded. I am tempted to install and see if they still somehow function. That would show Twitter that I will not conform and be a good Tweet ski and do as told and only use what they give out. Ha  take that  BTW in case anyone hasn't noticed I am 100% NOT PC (politically Correct/Corrupted or a sheeple)  

      :violent1:  OMG just had a piphininy or whatever, no wonder I lose like hours on some days, can be 9 am be on Social something and look at clock and Bam 2 PM, Was thinking on those days I had been abducted and was dealing with major time loss.

    Well I guess I was abducted by social media and locked into cyber space time warpage LOL


    Hey Mud Man Dudeski, I will look for a great Dial up Sound effect or recording and post it so you can listen to the sound whenever you feel like it :)  :cool:

  5. ya I was wondering about that as It asked about a map then said walk around your facility and I was What? Facility My house is only 3 bedrooms, a so called office thingy and a Overpacked Garage. Then I read more and realized I can actually walk around the block well almost. I know there are a few of those "Xfinity Wifi" total BS Hotspots ( But my issue with them is a totally different set of encyclopedias) anyway. I can connect to some of them to get a larger range.

    Right off the bat instantly after install I found about 10+ AP's I had no clue were even out there.

    I did find about 4 2.4 Ghz ones that use channel 6 which is what it says mine is but not one 5 Ghz network anywhere.

    What is puzzling me is that 2.4 Ghz uses 1 channel at least all show one channel # where the 5 Ghz says mine is on Channels 149-153 I believe it said. I better look again real quick. 

    yep it says 153-149 actually why larger first not sure.


    How many bars is full power? I cannot tell on 2.4 I have 7 does not look full green as I would think and even worse 5 is only showing 5 then 4 then 5 and they come from same exact Wireless Gateway ( I call it that as that is what Comcast calls the thing.

    According to the documentation I aquired off of Cisco web site this unit is supposed to have 2 internal antennas and "Supposedly" able to connect 6 external antenna though do not see how in manual.

    Also see I can set it to bridge mode to allow connection of "Range extenders"  Wondering if I can find a decent price on a Cisco Dual band range extender if it would be worth the hassle of getting one and adding it?

    Of course I asked Comcast about some of the features and Options and it appears some of the techs know as little as possible probably just enough to stay employed.

    One Jackwagon told me that IPV6 was not something that my laptop could use to interface with the Gateway and sent on to the internet etc. He said it was only something that the Gateway may use to connect to their network nothing I was able to have nor know if it was being used anyway, Which I know is a HUGE LIE as last router was IPV6 and it showed in my network connection details and Sure as I am sometimes an Idiot ( 100%) I see in like a week after install after a Software update POW all of a sudden I see IPV6 info again, to make a short story long anything I do know about the Specifics of this Gateway and I ask Comcast about they are clueless or at least act like it.

    Kinda PO's me as this has so many awesome abilities like ability to connect External HD and be able to share say music, picture and viceo files I have on it as well as my DVR has awesome feature of 2 HDMI inputs, 1 Hdmi output and one Toslink (Optical) output which would of allowed me to connect my older Blu-ray player and my Streaming Network media player without having to manual swith them each time I wanted to use one or the other but was told sorry that along with most all great features are disabled by those Wackjobs. so I ended up having to go get a New Blue-ray player which was OK as one day I find a 3D Blue-Ray with built in Wifi and Apps etc on sale for 50% off and snatched it up for $42.50.

    Now I need to find that kinda deal on a 7.2 DTS/Dolby Digital Receiver, Sadly I have a actual Pro or Commercial Spec Concert system but G-Friend says Speaker cabs are way to huge for living room and no one needs 2200 watts of Peavey Power or ability to cause popcorn ceiling to self destruct into what resembles s snow storm. Some women or I should say ones I have dated etc. do not appreciate Ultra High Quality Sound reproduction and how awesome it is when the frequencies from 10Hz to 20Khz can be played back, you cannot really hear much below 20 Hz but the feeling is Priceless in my opinion, and yes I have some metal songs that go Down below 20 Hz it is INSANE. 

    Good lord did I Derail my train of thought and went completely off topic Sorry about that. 

  6. Ok I am not up to date as I was Prior to Disabling myself ( Not on purpose of course) What is channel Overlap?

    Better yet Suggestions on where I can go read the best up to date info on wireless, IPV4, IPV6, MOCA, DOCSIS 3.0 or whatever is newest in works?

    Be easier then trying to explain plus I can learn so much by reading on my time etc. 

    I am still interested in this stuff just so much inability at times to do anything.

    Sad as I have all the time in world LOL :( just no energy or to much pain discomfort to even get online.

    Just seen your reply EB, Thanks, no Cel phone, USe my ASUS G73 SW ROG Laptop ( Brag Brag Was Best Gaming laptop when I got it 2011, yet I do not play games anymore, so Lame huh?

    When I did play games had SH*&^ for a computer of anykind.

    I will check that out thanks again.

    I do have this wait No ASUS wireless just turns on and off wifi and the no longer useable WIMAX ability.

    Only thing to show networks or strength or anything is Windows 7 wireless dodad 

  7. Brrrrr Beeep Whooooo Crrrrrrrr Worble Warble Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    There ya go feel better now??


    I remember a couple years ago a awesome Software called Tweetdeck.

    It allowed you to Post to Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, 4 square plus others if you added the API ( Yadda Yadda) etc, to the optional connections.

    It ruled I could see all tweets, facebook posts etc. in one window ( Program) with separate columns and post to one or all at same time, add photos, set up auto tweets etc. Then Twitter bought it, Revamped ( I mean totally Destroyed anything good about it) and then attempted to issue updated "Better Version"

    Of course they imediately removed ability to post or view Facebook, Myspace, 4 Square and made it Twitter only and removed the awesome feature allowing you to put more then 144 characters in a tweet.

    It was awesome and a great Idea only to be ruined by Twitter. That so P*&^%ed me o^^  something terrible as I loved that program. Especially when I was working with a Guitar Instructor whom did free online Guitar Live podcasts I could set up auto tweets posts to go out like 30 min before podcats and then again at 5 min prior while I was busy running QC on his video and sound etc prior to each podcast ( Since it was Live it had to be checked each one as there was no way to edit or fix once in session. Anyway enough rambling from me :) 

  8. I see No One has commented but Still, I hate this 5 Ghz System , I have a strange feeling it is Comcast and not Cisco to blame for the unstable 5 Ghz connection.

    At times I look at my computer states I am connected at 300Mbps other times ( Like 3 seconds later) it drops to 120Mbps then I have even seen it at 54Mbps. 

    What kills me is I am only at most 50' away from the Wireless Gateway Basically 7 Feet to my open door on room down hall maybe 15' and into the "Office" my G-Friend uses where the cable and phone plug happen to be located.

    Even when I do not move my laptop this connection jumps all over the spectrum like stated above.

    I would use the 2.4 Ghz connection but have 3 other devices connected to that system ( wait 4) I forgot that the Comcast MOCA System uses the 2.4Ghz connection too.

    I am the only one that has ability to use 5 Ghz in the house so that being said I would expect much better performance out of it.

    plus 2.4Ghz seems limited to a max of 144 Mbps 

    My awesome Test result in Signature was acquired vie Wired Lan right after Comcast finally increased my speed tier like they had been advertising for months.

    I assume they did not cap it at first as I was pulling this speed for a few hours then it got capped at 105Mbps.

  9. Ya, I kinda figured it was basically a name change. Kind of Like when Qwest went to Centurylink , I suspect in hopes people will not remember what a crapy company and internet access they had been providing.

    I find it the same way as Comcast has tried to implement the Xfinity name and I am finding in that instance my service using the X1 platform has been nothing but a pain in my Arse.

    Seems boxes always seem to be unable to communicate with the X1 platform.

    I remember back years ago I used Netscape much more then IE ( What ever happened to Netscape anyway?)

    Did it become Google chrome?

    Oh Something I just realized. This Opera system, Is it owned by SONY? I ask as my new BD Player uses Opera for the internet communication stuff I believe as I have seen that name a lot when setting it up and upgrading firmware etc.

  10. So has anyone heard of Microsoft's decision to dump Internet Explorer and start up a new Internet Browser called Project Spartan?

    I was curious as to some feedback or opinions you all have about this??]

    I guess some of the idea is due to the bad rap that IE got awhile ago and that they have not been able to come out from under so decided to make a new one.

    Or maybe it is IE 12 with a new rapper??

    Kinda like when Qwest became Century link or Comcast went to Xfinity.

  11. So me being well me. I made Xfinitycast deliver me a brand new Cisco DPC 3939 Dual Band Wireless Gateway doodad. Thinking since I can do either 2.4 or 5 Ghz and 5 is supposedly higher speed then 2.4 ( From what I can tell 2.4 maxes at 144 Mbps while 5 Maxes at 300Mbps) Or at least on my ASUS it does, but guess what, that crappy Gateway will not stay at 300Mbps it jumps from 80Mbps to 144 to maybe 200 ish. And that darn thing is only Id say 30' away Max. It is just out my door down hall 10 feet and in that room. I usually keep both doors open, What's Torked me off majorly is that it did run pretty steady at 300Mbps at first maybe dropping to 244 or so. now I am lucky if it gets above 200.

    SO since I am paying for Xfinitycast's 105 Speed and Both My ASUS and the Gateway have 1Gbps LAN connections I am now going to run a cable from my room into hall onto ceiling into other room and into Gateway.

    WHat a Bunch of (Expletive Deleted)  Filth foul and Fould and Filth.

    what a nice deal it is to be wireless only to be cabled down again if I want to enjoy anything close to what I pay for.

    As you can see by my pitiful excuses for speed tests lately I am lucky to get 65Mbps down but at least I get 10Mbps up with wireless.

    I should be pulling close to 95-100 Mbps once I umbilical myself back to the gateway.


    I sure wish Google Fibre would not of put a hold on doing our area or if Century (Qwest) Link actually could provide their so called 1Gbps speed teir to my actual house I would tell Xfinity cast to go Stuff it and no more of my money if going to help sponsor the Xfinity series whilst my service Blows.

    I mean I am all for NASCAR (Love it) and I know it takes money and sponsors but I am sick of getting Jacked around, Having either my DVR stop functioning whenever it gets the urge, Text messaging on a as it feels like working basis, unable to open email or account something 8 of the last 15 days. Just is REDICULOUS. I hope Comcrap/Xfinity trools the forums and sees this. BTW The CAPS is for you  Xfinity.

    But sadly I am addicted plus need the internet like as much as I need water to bath so I must keep using them until a new supplier comes to my area. I did see new stuff on main street 2 blocks away that (Centurylink(Qwest) did and they left a bunch of huge plug caps and stripped wire and wire I do not recognize plus installed a dedicated Power Box and Meter so maybe they are close to hookering me up to 1 Gbps.???  Can wish can't I??

  12. This is weird here, I have had Internet Explorer 11 crash when saying opening a link that is a .pdf Due to me using a different .pdf reader.

    But to have it crash when just launching it not opening anything at all is a bit strange, then to put the icing on the cake the laptop my girlfriend uses started the exact same thing at the exact same time ( I know because as soon as mine did that she instantly was in asking me if I know why her Internet explorer kept crashing when attempting to get online.

    I tried all the help stuff I could fine. Erasing all Cookies, Temp files, then as far as to go to windows features and turn IE 11 off then restart computer and turn it back on and still the second I attempt to launch it I get the message that it has issues and must be shut down.

    I am not so concerned about that as I can use Chrome, though I do have a ton of bookmarks I have saved via IE 11 but for my girlfriend it is major as that is all she sues and she is not one to change over to something new all that easy.

    I was just curious if anyone else (that uses IE 11) has noticed this issue as I am thinking it must a IE issues to have 2 separate computers have it happen at the exact same time.

    Last I checked with Windows I did not see anything pertaining to this issue.

    Ok New Info I just found, It appears to be caused by this

    IE11 crashing related to SEP update Symantec Endpoint Protection 12

    I just tried the recommended fix, and applied new Live update, I am now going to try re activating it via the windows features and see if it works.

    Will let ay know what I find, 

  13. @jcgallaher  (BTW cool Name)  Welcome to the Best and only Trusted  ( 100% by me for years now) Speed testing site on the planet.

    Oh the Comcast/Xfinity  Horror stories I could tell you, Started using them in 2006, Think I narrowly skated by without a homicide through phone line to a CS rep 5 times.

    HEADLINES::( Customer service Rep beaten to death by outraged customer via phone whom was 2000 miles away)


    I have had them Blame every single thing possible as to why I had speed issues, I mean everything, one almost got just IQ 0 Stupid and I thought he was about to say the cat sitting to close to modem was the issue, but he kinda stuttered and mumbled something else, He was actually within kicking distance in the room.

    Lately I have actually been very impressed ( OK this is Huge as CS people hardly Impress me FYI)

    They seem to know the equipment, service tiers, what upload and download speeds the packages are supposedly to be supplying.

    and most important of all, can read my voice and do a great job of not telling me to try this or that when I already told them I have done everything short of running my own cabling to their servers.

    They used to tell me ( After I just told them every Single step/process I tried)  that maybe The modem needs rebooted, my computer needed rebooted, maybe my software/drivers were outdated and needed updated, replace my Cat 5 cable with a new one, put aluminum foil on my head stand on one leg with left hand in bucket of water  Wait that is for better radio reception.


    You should not ask to much out of the company Like scheduling appointment to test system see issues  at a time when said issues actually happen.

    Then what if they have no clue what it is?? What can they possibly force feed you if they are there and it happens and they cannot  point to something having nothing to do with anything they control causing it?

    If they are there seeing the drop at said time it shows Like CA3LE said and they have sold more service then they can actually provide at the speed of paid service.

    I remember that back awhile ago, we have 6 I believe Nipples on the cable junction doo dad in my yard and I think around 2009 they had all but one connected, now I see they have 4  connected but I think they upgraded something as I rarely notice speed (traffic Jams) locally.

    Maybe only 2 of those connections actually are getting Internet.

  14. Sadly that won't last it had to be an oversight somehow on Xfinity/Comcast's part.

    I remember long ago a ISP did that left the modem uncapped for like 3 days

    Back when they had to do stuff in person not with the magic hookus cadabra , abra capokus  software, remote intrusion tactics of nowdays.

    But then I think we were all excited about 1.5 Mbps or something truly slugworthy by todays standards.

  15. YA no problem, I forgot to mention that you have to be on top of Xfinity as far as equipment and speed tiers, if they release something new or upgrade the service they are very bad about informing the customers.

    For instance when I got my triple play plan I t was just prior to the X1 platform release and they never mentioned anything when they did release that so for about 0h 12 or more months ( I do not know exact time off hand) I was supposed to be getting the x1 platform with the any room dvr no extra cost and did not know about it until I was talking to a  guy waiting in line at the pharmacy and realized I was paying exact same price and had same plan but did not have the same services as the person I was talking to , so I went done and got the upgrade I was supposed to.

    I am still waiting to see if the speed doubling goes into effect, it appears using the Comcast speedtest the speed is there but using the testmy net speed test it is running just a wee bit faster.

    I will have to connect direct to router an see if that changes speed rather then using wifi.

  16. Can you tell me what Modem you are using?

    It should be located on Bottom or side of the unit.

    Is it a Comcast/Xfinity Modem?

    and finally is it a wireless gateway or just a cable modem?

    The Xfinity techs ( Sorry to some that are decent) Mostly are pathetic and I have no Idea where they acquire them, I have been in many heated Battles with them on many occasions using this exact site and the awesome ability to archive past tests, had them say testmy.net is not a reliable tests and they shoot off to some Xfinity sponsored test site and say see you getting Such and such speed all is good, then I pull up the archive and say Ok explain why a week ago I was getting this speed down and up and then ( Look here pay attention) at this date the speed goes down the well lets says it just plummets.

    SO No matter what you think of your test links I have proof I was getting this speed and now I am not.

    I actually told one tech he could not come into my house just give me the modem and be on your way because he started off blaming everything  he could name as to why my speed was slow, I am surprised he didn't blame my cat for his color of fur as to why my internet was slow.

    But just as I had figured It was the modem that was going south and once I exchanged it I was back up to speed.

    Of course that a while ago and speed was I think 20Mbps down where now I am getting I think roughly 65Mbps, but they advertise my package is supposed to be running at 105Mbps down and 25Mbps up but Surprise Surprise they advertise things before they can actually provide it, but that is a whole different can of worms.

    Sorry for wandering off you issue.

    So if you could get some info It may help me possibly help you some I sure hope anyway .

    Have you checked your TCP/IP settings? There is a site that has a great analyzer if I am allowed to mention it, I only ask as Somehow my setting got all messed up my MTU was something insane like 2800 they also have a neat tool called TCP/IP Optimizer that could help you get the most out of your connection.

    your statement where you had gotten better speeds on other devices almost sounds like something in you computer is set incorrect, but even that being said you are not getting closet to the correct speed with those other devices either I would expect 40-45 Mbps  if you have the 50 package, BTW you do have what they call Blast and not performance correct?

  17. The reason I am complaining is that for my specific package, HD Premier XF Bundle shows online that my internet speeds are supposed to be 150Mbps Down and 25Mbps up.

    But they claim that is part of the Speed doubling ( which Mathematically that is incorrect too 50Mbps X2 does not equal 150Mbps)

    Anyway I just think that if they advertise something that is supposedly included in my package and I am paying that exact price I should be receiving that, Or they should not be advertising it until they are capable of providing it.

  18. I am getting tired of those Xfinity commercials where they claim to be doubling speeds of there 2 most popular tiers, yet when I contact them to ask why I do not see the speed increase they claim they have not done that in my area.

    Why are they allowed to advertise ( when you look up triple play pricing and info) a speed that is not available locally ( and I made sure to be looking up info specific to my area) and also have these commercials making people think they are getting a specific service that is not even implemented??

    I know a couple companies Frontier and I think Century link have been fined for advertising specific speeds or services that they actually are not able to provide I think Xfinity should be held in same aspect of any company that advertising something it cannot deliver

  19. I was looking under Database/Member Rank and I noticed I cannot find myself listed there.

    Is there any specific reason why I cannot find myself? like is the ranking listed by last say 20 tests average or average since we joined?

    I would think average since we joined would be unfair since ISP speeds have increased X 100 I believe since I joined and older results would really bring down average.

    Just curious that's all :)

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