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  1. all of a sudden my upload speed is about 10 to 20 % of comcast normal. I am confused as to what may have happened. I tested on both my old laptop using XP and my new one using Vista 64. My download speed is about 10 to 12 MBPS about normal maybe a little slower than used to be.

    I also noticed on my new laptop with Vista my wireles shows 12 MBPS where on my XP one it is 54 MBPS I know my router is limited to 54 what can I change on my Vista system to get my wireless back to 54??

    so i kinda have 2 questions,what happened to my upload for all computers and what can I do on my Vista System to improve upload and download and set my wireless to be a 54 like my system is supposed to be??

    But mostly I want to know how to fix my upload because it affects every computer I have.

  2. IE7 never got to like any of the others tried netscape seemed to slow to me back then and I didn't know of IE8 or i dont think i did it seems to be fast enough for me. as fast as the internet has become since 2001 when i was trying to squeeze every last millisecond out of everything in the computer im ok now HA HA HA HA

  3. LOL boy do I  one 18 year old and 17 year old girls that their mom moved to texas 4 years ago and a 10 year old son that lives with his mom here in town.ya I remember my youngest girl in her diaper playing in the sprinkler one summer day and when my son couldn't even talk and i was showing him trees and grass and telling him what they were called. seems like yesterday. and when i get old enough I will actually think it was yesterday lol

  4. cough** weeeez will be 39 in april where have the years gone i swear i have been in a time warp i still feel 20 although last year my body decided to prove my mind wrong  ohhh the pain i hate ruptured discs

  5. no I wouldn't think that what i meant is i will have 3 computers to have processing for me and my team so that will help I realize each would have its own packet or task to do but with them all crediting me and the team will be cool better than them just sitting collecting dust I used to use them for Karaoke and creating CDG's and recording and mixing my music. ok I got the # I guess ill just go to [email protected] and get the software and get going on that :) thanks for the info

  6. dang that sounds all kindsa messed up makes my month of spinal headaches wait they were way worse than ache as a matter of fact i dont think there is a word for the pain and being unable to do anything but lay flat seem like a happy vacation time.now where was I ?? oh ya  funny thing when i try to get any movies or a song or 2 to seee if i like new album my router gets a mind of its own and makes me think im connected but shuts down all traffic in or out of my computer and when i look all info says im connected good just no flow. there for a while i swore RIAA or comcast or some was screwing with me and to this day I have no idea what it is but still does it.

    Just because im paranoid doesn't mean there not out to get me

  7. they bumped our speeds up in dec and I guess on the 13th of this month they are going to bump them again?? all I can say is that im pretty happy with my connection here in oregon and my speeds seem always above what they say I guess im lucky in where i live that i am alone on the tier or something there DVR and cable has issues and the techs could be better but im happy so far and this post looked like it needed a new thread anyway been awhile since anyone posted so I figured id put one up :)


    Thats an awesome quote :) I must say today my test has been the best yet to bad my laptop HD is chirping like a bird wont be long till she goes to HD place in the sky :( and hello err umm i forgot your name already  sorry about that my short term memory is really living up to its name lately about 35 sec a poooof she is gone :)

  9. I took off my sig speed post because it was before they did the upgrade and the speeds were a lot slower i know get about 12 down and 3 up which is ok for me I also notice they have some stuff set up for anyone who uses alot of bandwidth they can shut down the amount of your speed or once they totally disconnected my connection when i was

    uploading and downloadins some pics and videos.

  10. Very interesting I used the test link you posted I wonder what test they are using I normally check my internet speeds about once or twice a week just for kicks as i seem to have no use issues and with testmy.net tests i get 10 down and 3 or so up. and with the comcast one i get 15 down and 8 up funny thing is with all the tests ive done even with 100 meg files i never have gotten that high I believe that comcast test to be not as truthful as you may think.

  11. Thanks ya  have most of them but I see 2 new ones I don't so thanks. every since comcast has been working in the neighborhood supposedly because the internet is supposed to go up to 22down/2up my speed has went down but thats OK for now they said they should be done here in DEC sometime soon so far it hasn't caused me any problems I really hate when they shut it off for 3 hrs at a time while they are working on the lines though lol. although I like the norton speed disk better than the disc defragmenter utility. I also probably wouldn't hurt to update my wireless router its fairly old and I'm sure the have better models out nowdays. that reminds me I have a copy of my fastest test I haveever gotten saved ill have to find it so I can post it I was really excited about it lol

  12. Thanks I never have used your forum but I have used your internet speed test a bunch of times and have seen you r site change quite a bit and am glad to say I think you are doing a great job on it. and would like to thank you for this awesome service you wouldn't believe how many times this has helped me to fix connection issues or help me to get the most out of my internet connection. and I have told a bunch of people to come here to use it  :grin:

  13. howdy people. Funny I have been using this site to check my connection speed since I'm guessing 2001 or whenever you started this site if after that and never thought of joining. but here I am.well thats about all for now I guess i can add to this if anyone has any questions :)

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