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  1. thanks sparky...i have one more quick question..i want to track my hughes speed..i've been looking on your site but haven't found a place yet...i guess what i'm looking for is a place where i can tell it to check my speed for like a 24 or 48 hour time period...like i said one minute i'll be hitting at 1.2mbs and it seems like an hour later its 0.1mbs...i would like to see how much that jumps and how often...cause everytime the hughes tech guy comes out my speed is all ways at 1.2mbs..every stinkin' time.. i know he thinks i'm a dope smoker from way back when i tell him "no, really it was running 0.1mbs only 20 minutes ago!" .... but if i could show him by tracking it maybe that would help...and downloading or not it still should not drop that much.. doing the math on that..it puts me slower than dial-up
  2. sparky i can tell you have been here.....i have been pulling whats left of my hair out and my sanity is quickly leaking out the holes that are left.....i thought i had read the package deal..but i missed the "if you actually try to download were shutting you down" clause...and don't even get me started on the support help from hell..i am just an old hillbilly redneck country folk who does good just to understand the operator...now i have some guy from india..took me 20 minutes and about a hundred "what????s" later to realize he wanted my name..oh well....I sure do appreciate all the help you guys have done for me...I guess i'll just have to stay with hughes net and work with it as best i can...you have given me some great sites to check out though....hughes is better than dialup...but as soon as dsl comes to the country..oh yea!!!!!
  3. thanks toad...anything you can give will be appreciated...my email is [email protected]XXXX.com shoot me anything ya got....this hughesnet is going to drive me to drinking .....for about 2 days i stayed right at 1.2mbs...then i check last night and its 0.1mbs... and i'm not anywhere near my fap...downloading just may not be in the cards for me.. Removed email for your security, never post personal information, you could get bombarded with spam.
  4. thanks guys.. i think replacing the modem has helped with the speed going up and down i seem to be hanging right at 1.2mbs.. so i am beginning to think my downloading prob is limewire i can't get that speed up to more than 10kbs but i am downloading from like 10 to12 hosts...i have been using the malware program and your right it is excellent...i will try bittorrent for download site.. but are they like piratebay they find the movies but they use your download program like limewire, bareshare, frostwire ect...you can't actually download from that site or can you... is there a better site to use as a download site??? thanks for the hughesnet sites i am diffently going to check those out
  5. Thanks, sparky, and please excuse the dsl blunder....my hughes net tech guy just replaced my modem i am hoping maybe this will help....i do alot of my downloading with limewire pro..which to be perfectly honest i think has issues all its own..it takes forever just for it to connect and thats when i am running at 1.2mbs..go figure may wind up changing them..if you guys know any good ones shoot me a line.. i do have a 2 year contract with hughes so even if it won't download the way i want i will still be staying with them...so with that said i am going to try to go do some downloading with this new modem i will let you know if it works...and thanks to all of you for your help...you have a great site here.. i am glad i found you.
  6. thanks zalternate,, i got a buddy to help explain some for me too.. and i got to looking you may be right about needing a different ISP.. i guess i should have researched hughes a little more they are showing a threshold for the pro at 300mbs..which i guess basically means you can download 2 songs and maybe one clip from youtube and don't even think about trying to download a movie heck thats 700 mbs by itself then you have reached your threshold....where after looking at wildblue there threshold for just a 1.0mbs is 12,000 big time difference..how can that be it seems to me to be to big of a difference..whats your take on this??
  7. Thanks for getting back with me so quick......i am a newbie so bare with me...i'm not sure what fapped is for sure. but if it has to do with like you said download overload so to speak. i don't think i have reached my threshold mainly because it won't let me...i wish i could download torrents that's what i really wanted the faster internet for. and yes the hugesnet is the satellite service. sorry i say dsl but it might be ISP but again i am not real sure what that is either.. i am paying for the 1.2mbs and its suppose to have like 144kbs download capability. i would just like to be able to download with 90kbs...most of the time it might start at 60kbs or so but will very quickly drop to 8kbs or lower and this is just on one song download...it can take me anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes or longer to download one song.....i do understand that the person i am downloading from can also have a slow speed and that will slow me down.. but when i see my download speed at 8kbs and i am downloading from 12 hosts i begin to wonder. I thought it might be a modem problem so the tech guy is going to replace that today...it was real squirrelly like it would run 1.1mbs for couple hours and then drop to .3mbs and stay there for the rest of the night...and all i'll be doing is changing pages no downloading of any kind... i am interested in the map you have but i don't really understand what your telling me or how to read it. thanks guys for your help so far and sorry for being kinda techno stupid.....
  8. Hey all, I am new to this site, so i hope i don't break any protocols, i've looked around some of your forums, for an answer to a question, but have had no luck so far. You may need to move this question, or direct me to a post i have overlooked. But the question is: I have just gotten dsl with hughesnet the modem i am using is a 9000 i think, my prob is sometimes i have a 1.2mbs speed for about an hour or so, then it drops to .5 or .3mbs,. I would like to believe it was something to do with downloading but so far i haven't had a chance to download only a few songs and they are downloading at about 10kbs sometimes less i have had them start out at maybe 90kbs but around 40% loaded it has dropped down to 8 or 9kbs. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas why my speed keeps jumping from 1.2mbs all the way down to .3mbs and it usually stays there until i get frustrated and shut the thing down. i hope i have explained it enough if not let me know.
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