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  1. Those images were all too familiar for me. I got Dway to speed up my internet service, not to go without it! hence the reason i cancelled. Gotta love that tech support, they're right up there with their customer service reps.
  2. I got Direcway 2 months ago and cancelled unaware of the 30 day period. if you are going to cancel do so right away! I've spent my whole day today on the phone with them trying to get money back they took out of my checking account without my authorization. I spent more time on the phone with tech support then I spent online and now I have to pay to get out of their contract! Get out while you still can!!!!!!!!
  3. I just registered on this site for the purpose of making it widely known how inferior Direcway's service is. Yes you most likely have a 15 month contract as I did. BEWARE....I cancelled prior to my contract being up which results in a $300 fee, add to that $400 if you don't send your equipment back. I asked them if that would be billed to me or deducted from my account, they told me I would definetly be billed. This morning to my dismay I found they took the whole $700 out of my account! I just received the boxes from them yesterday (the same day they took my money without my consent) so I haven't even had a chance to send the equipment back & they're already charging me! I have spent my whole day today calling them, faxing them, emailing them, and now making it known just how customer service impaired they truly are! Yes, I'm a little mad! Cancel your credit card or debit card prior to cancelling your service.
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