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  1. diamondtim

    Trying to get the hang of this...

    So far as I can tell,I believe my ports are configured correctly,since my torrent is still downloading...will it interrupt my dwnld if I run one of the tests from this site to be sure? Also,Is it possible for other users to view into my system or get access to it through the torrent process?
  2. diamondtim

    Trying to get the hang of this...

    I'm bobbing all over the speed spectrum,but apparently it's still working...I just have a habit of trying to pick things apart to figure out why things work the way they do. Thanx for the info and laymans talk...mucho appreciated...
  3. diamondtim

    Trying to get the hang of this...

    I want to understand,honest! My connection test says my speed is like 342kb,but the file i'm downloading is only moving at a rate of like 8.6 kb...am I doing something wrong,or is this one of the things I'm supposed to learn by doing? There's gotta be a way to speed this up a bit...also,why are there two or three copies of the torrent file i'm downloading? :
  4. diamondtim

    Ok,First question...

    Ok,I think i'm confused...first,I thought torrents were supposed to be faster? I don't know if i'm doing this right...or maybe i'm not looking in the right place...it's taken me almost all day to dwnload 1 file,and it's only part of the movie...is there another torrent with the rest? I'm such a confused monster...
  5. diamondtim

    Another Target 4 y'all!

    Yeah,Steve! He was the guy in the front row with no arms or legs! He was fun to play ring toss with,cause he couldn't run away!
  6. diamondtim

    Another Target 4 y'all!

    Noooo...not me! I was on the moon at the time... with Steve...
  7. diamondtim

    Another Target 4 y'all!

    I have a great sense of humor...you gotta! If you've never laughed at yourself,then you've never seen what you look like sleeping!
  8. diamondtim

    Another Target 4 y'all!

    I am a greenhorn! A newbie! Fresman! Novice!Whatever you prefer...but I will learn-and learn well...hopefully quickly! Please,bear with me... DT
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