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  1. Forgot to mention this too, it happens on both of my computers and they both have Windows XP Pro SP2, I'm thinking there is a glitch with google toolbars or something, the other puter has google toolbar too.
  2. I tried that with the Goolge toolbar, but you cant uninstall the McAfee toolbar, it came with my AntiVirus.
  3. I checked for spy-ware earlier, I dont have any, my computer is clean. I assure you. I use Microsoft Anti-Spyware. This started happening right after I installed SP2 forgot to tell you all, if that helps any.
  4. I judt noticed that it has to do with my toolbars only, I have 2 toolbars: Google and McAfee, when I disable both of those everything works just fine.
  5. I just tried everything you told me, none of that solved it. strange
  6. Ok, I figured out the problem to the apllication error popups to some websites, I went to Tools/Internet Options/Programs/Manage Add-Ons, and I disabled the Goolge toolbar add-on. It solved my problem, but now I cant use my google toolbar, any other ways of doing this?
  7. I am running Windows XP Professionall w/SP2 with all the updates. sometimes its a "iexplore.exe - application error", memory could not be read or something like that.
  8. I did a search on this and it couldnt find it anywhere, do you know exactly where the file should be?
  9. It happens when I close my IE browser, (only sometimes, on some different sites).
  10. Holly sh1t!!!, lol, why cant I get that with Comcast? lucky bastard!!
  11. Can anyone please explain why on some of the websites I go to, I get a "Aplication Error" pop-up right after I close the browser?, it does get pretty annoying after like 5 times a day. any help would be good, thanks.
  12. I give up then, I tried all kinds of things. Nothing seems to be working.
  13. lol, thats exactly what I did, amd it only let me in to see the folders.
  14. I just tried what you told me, and it did get me in to my names folder, but the folders in there tell me acess denied (just like my folder used to tell me) dont know what to do next.
  15. Thanks, I'm not at home right now, I will do that right when I get home. Just one question: Is this going to harm computer in any way? (it does say that this box has to be checked)
  16. I'm sorry could you please explain that a little bit better? sorry, and is it gonna be harmfull to the computer? lol
  17. All I heard was that by the year 2007 everybody's connection speeds are going tu be upgraded. I hope its true, I would loe to have a 14/4 conection.
  18. To be labeled as a heavy dowloader by Comcast, you would have to download over 100 GB a month (happend to my freind), good thing I dont download that much.
  19. Ok, thanks, any help would be appreciated about this time (and I do mean any). I have a new USB hub connected to my computer, and thats how I am using my external HD, even if I switched the wire to the actuall port, I'm guessing it wouldnt make a difference, because it is only one file in the hard drive that wont open, it comes up with a access denied messege.
  20. Actuially you were right, it did change to read only, but as soon as I change it, it changes right back to read only, therefore not alowing to open my folder that I need. I just canceled the chkdisk, because it was stuck at the 3rd little dot way too long (something was up), and I know my computer is just fine, and works fine.
  21. Yes, I put XP on the internal hard drive that I had, and it is SP1. Other USB 2.0 hardware I use on this, it always works. I'm thinking about calling my hard drive companys number, but they are closed now.
  22. Thanks, I figured out how to run chckdisk and its doing it withouth restarting it (guess it doesnt have to restart for the external drives), its still stuck at phase 4 and its been there for quite a while now.
  23. I am running Windows XP, and yes the HD is USB 2.0, and I have no clue if it is hooked up to a 2.0 USB port (dont even know how to check) like you said I tried plugging it in different usb ports and shutting everything down, nothing seems to solve the problem, I am really desperate to get all this data back. Its only my names file that wont open (strange). How do I run a scandisk on the external drive? thanks for any help I can get.
  24. Hi everyone I havent been here in a while, been away and all (I like the layout, nice job). I have a big problem. Does anyone know how to recover data from external hard drives? 2 days ago I got a 80GB Seagate External Hardrive, and I backed all my things up right on that day, and today when I try to open some things in the hardrive it wont let me, I put over 40 gigs of files on there, (some improtant) someone please help. I dont know what else to do, any suggestions?
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