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  1. So i had Comcast upgrade me to their highest new wideband docsis 3.0 speed tier. I went from 21 Mbps for a promo price of 34.99 for a year to 150Mbps w/ new docsis3.0 modem for 129.99 and it was truly worth atleast one month of testing. I did a few speed tests and i actually average around 170ish Mbps down with around 60Mbps up. Now thats not bad....but for the true test!!!!! I logged onto my favorite IRC server's file dump FTP server to see what i was paying for. I downloaded a HD 4.8 gig movie in 13 minutes and 26 seconds, i almost creamed my pants after that. (also noted that this ftp server runs off of a business account that can actually support my residential speeds) , but anyway its great to have but most places i retrieve files from dont support upload speeds close to that high since most are severly capped for public use. Because of the price i dont know if im gonna keep it but it was worth the month to try. At the end ill probably goto their 50/25 Mbps speed for roughly 79.99 if i can remember right because thats more reasonable in the long run.... But hey they only charge you for the time u use it so if u got it in your area order it for a week and you'll only pay a week i definently recommend giving it a ride. (No i am not a advertisement agent for Comcast)
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