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  1. So im pretty sure its is FAP, just didnt know that they put me on it for the starting of the service, so i should be good in a day or so. Thanks for the help guys
  2. these are my download speeds... there has to be something wrong
  3. Ok so i just got satellite internet installed at my new place yesterday (because DSL and cable were unavailable) and its seems to be going way to slow to even be comparable to DSL. For example, one of the games i play regularly usually is fine in the green latency bar with about 250ms average when i had DSL, but now with satellite (HughesNet) im red baring the latency at about 1250ms average. Also my web page load time is very slow. And it cant be due to weather because its a nice sunny day right now. Im thinking i should call them to get someone to come out and check it out because resetting the modem didnt help. Any ideas?
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