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  1. if this thread is still active , can anyone help me regarding this situation. im kinda confused at the moment. i play worlds of warcraft online game and i need stable connection. im living in malaybalay city and only 3 isp company such as philcom, sotelco and smartbro available . i was a philcom user for 3 mos and cancel the subscription because their connection is really bad, i get disconnected a lot every 30mins. sotelco is expensive for a plan 256Kbps, you need to pay almost 3k including installation and you have no assurance of the given plan if the speed is accurate and fix. i just wanna know if the tweaking of smart bro still work. i had installed it yesterday ( march 30. 2009) . i had the same configuration shown in the picture above. sustained data rate of 7000Kbps , is this the normal configuration?
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