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  1. Heya guys! Was wondering if you guys could help me root my Tmobile g1. Ive followed the instructions at http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/showthread.php?t=316599 so far but ive been without luck so far - this is what ive done uptill now - 1) Mounted and formatted my sd card on the phone 2)Downloaded and unzipped RC7 image file. Copied the DREAMIMG.nbh file to the SD card (im in the uk and am currently running RC9) 3)Turned the device power off 4) Held the camera button, and pressed the power button This is where it gets confusing - A grey screen loads just for a millisecond which says what i think is "no image file present" Then it goes to a screen with red,blue, green and white stripes with yellow text which says Dreal110 pvt 32b hboot-0.95.000 radio- sep 2 2008 serial0 also i cant do anything when the screen goes like that - i have to remove battery before anything happens any help appreciated
  2. the variations of speed test results on different sites ...Boring stuff really... Apparently i have a 6 mb connection on one while only 2 mb on another... hence the title
  3. not even the same board har har har hehe
  4. indeed it was, i was making a new topic in another section (or so i thought, too many tabs open at the same time) and look what happend!
  5. CygnusR


    Hello everyone! Just joined so popping by to say hello! Im on talk talk broad band, the free one, and so far so good (for my use anyway)
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