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  1. HI TO ALL.. THANK YOU FOR THE REPLYING TO MY QUERY... this is the case... right now, my internet connection is through cable in which I have a telephone line and DSL internet connection in one package ranging from 1Mbps - 2 Mbps speed... and the internet connection I shared it to 4 computers using the router and switch..... if for example my internet provider may have problems and i dont have internet connection... so i am NOW planning to buy an USB stick modem (cellular companies in my location offers this type internet connection in which you only plug it on the usb port of a pc and presto you get an internet connection). so what am i going to do for me to share the internet connection using this USB stick modem (from the pc in which it is plug to be shared to other computer units?) what hardware and or software do i need and how to configure the internet settings? hope the above description is clear.. i am using a wired router... thanks again in advance folks... by the way i google and found only one in relation to my query but the answer is not clear. so that is why i have had posted this question of mine in search of a particular answer that could enlighten me and from there i may assess and get the ideas to fit my needs...
  2. hi to all.... nowadays there are many available type of connection to the internet we could choose either by cable, wireless connection, etc.... and their is now the so called usb broadband internet modem connection... i am wondering if i could share my connection to other computer using this usb modem (plug-in type internet connection)... anyone could enlighten me about this? how could i share my connection? ....FYI: broadband cable internet connection need a modem, router and a switch... ----> what are the hardware and software do i need to share my internet using usb modem? thanks in advance...
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