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  1. PH, totally hot here.. . no snows, no winter, no spring here.
  2. ^^, I understand the "what's the forum about and its sections". I wanna be respected and I don't want people to know my position as a user a "what a disrepectful guy", and the cause of being a "what a disrespectful guy is because of doing stupid things.
  3. Well, It can still be useful for fun or pranks. lol.
  4. It's a file hoster, a really big one, like megaupload.
  5. It's actually REALLY easy to bypass the waiting time on RapidShare for just using Javascript. Let's say this is the adress for you download http://rapidshare.com/files/177444866/30_effect_C4Ds_by_Daze.rar Go click the link and click Free User Bar. Now in the Address Bar or URL Bar (Where you put the URL/Link) just type: javascript:alert(c=1) No you should get prompted with a popup saying 1 or c=1. The time will change to 1 seconds remaining. You can bookmark the page "javascript:alert(c=1)" and just click the link when youre in the download page instead of typing it ev
  6. Haha, I never searched, but I knew because that I'm the only SeraphiPod because I've been a user of some forums, sites.. , and just because I think no one will think of adding iPod on their name, except my younger bros and sis, they even copied my iPod o.o'
  7. Why did I choose SeraphiPod as my Permanent Nicky? Seraph = Good Characteristics & a Angel General I = Resembles my First Letter of my First Name, or my Network. Pod = a Hub. Probably that I'm the only Seraph"iPOD" on the net.
  8. SeraphiPod


    >.> I am SeraphiPod living in Philippines, found out this forum by just searching "how to fix pc-off.bat". I found it, and alot useful, I might stay here, just to have fun^^.
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