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  1. help guys, RSS feeds on my favorites bar won't update. I'm using xp sp3 pro, Internet Explorer 8. It was working before. Is there a service (mmc.exe) which control these updates? I'm not sure but i think this started when i played around with the services hoping to make the PC faster. Any help would be great, thanks. Posting my Services Window just in case
  2. o yeah redeyes09 apology for posting here, i just thought that smartbro users like you guys would b able to help me, so i posted here, hehe peace bro
  3. yeah, earlier this year my downspeed tops at 48-52 kB/s, a couple of months ago my speed goes up to72-75 kB/s. But i'm having problems now, it's down to 30kB/s ever since i sort of tweaked my services in xp sp3. d ako sure if that's the cause, but guys any help would be great, anyone know which of the services has any impact on my speed? im posting a pic of the services window, thanks mga bro.
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