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  1. still lose kinda late here i'll ask again tommarrow thanks for trying tho goodnight.
  2. i used a flash drive then ran it unzzipped it an got that error message enless im doing something wrong
  3. well i have aim if u wanna chat real quick there it's "warps" all i see there is a 1394 net adapter thats it
  4. well i did that but now getting a error "error 3 running command c:hpbinhpbl
  5. well people i did a good job but now no internet which is i need a driver but can't get it cause hp site only allows vista driver, so if anyone can give me advice please an thank you once again for everything, i have a hp pavilion s3301f desktop pc is the one i need help with.
  6. CDBOOT: Memory overflow error :{ nothing more to go wrong
  7. well thanks guys for the help ima run b&n an try from there so ty very much for all the help, i'll let u know how it went when i'm done.
  8. anyone knows how to disable native SATA on a hp computer from the bios section?
  9. haha ur right about that just need help with b&n
  10. my basic problem is i would like someone to go step by step with me if it possiable i have aim/yahoo/msn if any1 can help an have the time please let me know an it's a desktop im working with
  11. sorry about that post i meant to say if i should download all the driver for my pc or only certain ones.
  12. should i install all drivers or what are the main drivers i'll link the page tyo the pc i have if that helps.
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