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  1. still lose kinda late here i'll ask again tommarrow thanks for trying tho goodnight.
  2. i used a flash drive then ran it unzzipped it an got that error message enless im doing something wrong
  3. well i have aim if u wanna chat real quick there it's "warps" all i see there is a 1394 net adapter thats it
  4. well i did that but now getting a error "error 3 running command c:hpbinhpbl
  5. well people i did a good job but now no internet which is i need a driver but can't get it cause hp site only allows vista driver, so if anyone can give me advice please an thank you once again for everything, i have a hp pavilion s3301f desktop pc is the one i need help with.
  6. CDBOOT: Memory overflow error :{ nothing more to go wrong
  7. well thanks guys for the help ima run b&n an try from there so ty very much for all the help, i'll let u know how it went when i'm done.
  8. anyone knows how to disable native SATA on a hp computer from the bios section?
  9. haha ur right about that just need help with b&n
  10. my basic problem is i would like someone to go step by step with me if it possiable i have aim/yahoo/msn if any1 can help an have the time please let me know an it's a desktop im working with
  11. sorry about that post i meant to say if i should download all the driver for my pc or only certain ones.
  12. should i install all drivers or what are the main drivers i'll link the page tyo the pc i have if that helps.
  13. well heres the thing i found all the drivers i need should i just remove vista an add xp or add dual what would any1 recommend?
  14. hey that will do just i'll be on here an we will contact eack other somehow hehe
  15. to be honest me following steps is not a good idea if u can aim/msn or w/e to help me i would really be happy with that.
  16. well i'm a gamer an xp fits me best if anyone wonders the hurry lol bob how u doing buddy
  17. hi everyone my name is carlos. i'm running windows vista at the momment an not very happy with it i was wondering if someone can help me dual boot with xp an vista or atleast install xp an get rid of vista for good if anyone can help me please reply with a contact notice thanks.
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