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  1. ok...l have news for all of us internet satellite users.  We are being scamed.  I talked to one of the ticked off employees of netkaster  :evil6: and was told that all satellite providers for the internet have been maxed out since last spring.  You know that "fair access policy", well the fact of the matter is this.  We are all runing off a satellite and a satellite can only handle so many users.  Duh... :uglystupid2: .well before these companies even got started they knew they had a problem called band width right from the get go.  So this is how they handle it.  They sell you a three year contract, now you are locked in, because in three years there turnover rate will have changed, why, because so many of you will git ticked off and give up their contract to some other dube.  :2funny:  The scam is that fair access policy, if you do anything else except read your email or surf the net your time is automatically cut down wheather you know it or not.  They tell you it is to discourage all those online video's and game hackers.  Yup in four hours, your bandwidth can be back to normal.  It's all automated ya know.  They have to do this to accomodate the new subscribers and it's getting out of hand.  So if you ever wonder why your system really slows down, it's because the system is overloaded.  If you don't believe me try surfing at two am in the morning and you will not have any problems, this is what the tech told me as no one is on the system anyway.  Once I asked if he could check as to why my time was cut down and his reply was that I looked at some videos, been to a certain website and how long, etc, he went on to tell me where I was on the internet, so don't believe that crap about ...ohhh we don't see what you're doing.  Hey I used to be a webmaster and I had caller ID on my front webpage and I knew your email address, where you were from, how long and what pages you looked at.  Wake up, your life is not private on the net and I did this back in 1998, just think how much more advanced it is now.  If all you do is check your email and do very little surfing it's best to go back to dial up or wait till new technology arrives for satellite.  I have made major complaints to the authorities and they don't give a sh_t.    :evil2:

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