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  1. which do i chose with the first link? and also can you tell me how i can access my canopy again? I experimentally clicked on DHCP and i can no longer access canopy... i don't have a router so can you give me steps or things that I can do to have it reset? -- Thanks so much for your help..I do really appreciate it a lot..I'm so grateful that you guys are here to assist..^__^ - i see that the second link is demonoid but i don't have account on it..what should i do?
  2. went back to yellow and DL speed is 16kb/s
  3. - DL was just 7kb/s do i need to set other configurations right?
  4. - shocking thing just happened today as of 9:20am of May 2 2009 - huhuhu T_T - green light on utorrent but check out my DL speed T_T
  5. --- also i've done all you instructed coolbuster the highest I've reach is 40kbps and I got a green on the low part -- after i woke up this morning got a yellow one with exclamation and it never went up again.. here's the screenshot help me guys please..I'm not really that techy so please give me a step by step instructions..T_T
  6. this is what i got after the tweak from -- using smart bro -- is there any other way I can speed this up??
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