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  1. Just in case you want to add images, use "Reply" and not "Quick Reply" then go to Additional Options... > Browse > Attach
  2. In response to Mudmanc4. This screenie can verify the guide. @Mudman4, kindly move this to the relative guide. Thanks!
  3. 1. Click the Windows 7 orb. 2. Right click Computer, select Properties. 3. At the left pane, click System Protection and click the 'Create' button. 4. Type your desired name or date for the Restore Point for identification purposes. 5. Click 'Create', close System Properties and you're good to go.
  4. Hi. Try to request the CSR to have your Canopy in roaming mode. Just try...
  5. nothing more. it is what you're paying for so they are capping it at 384 kbps. you'll get used to it.
  6. Hello johnharold. You are getting that speed because it is what you are paying for. The speed you previously enjoyed was because there were a few subscribers in your base station who had enough bandwidth distribution thus the fast speed.
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