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  1. Relient F

    yo all!

    Hi, Ah cool! In that case, here is a link to Vinux the distrobution I use. Also the link for jaws... Not sure of an exact link, but the companies site is here. Also a cool open source reader I forgot about in my post is NVDA (not to be confused with nvidia or however you spell it) . with that one, blind people can actually use a mouse. While you still can't see where everything is so you can move to it, it's still pretty cool to kinda be abel to visualize where things are. Yep. Microsoft sees other companies success and tries to get a piece of it, like with the Zune... Ugh. Oh stupid me, should've read the whole form! haha. Nice signature, btw. Thanks.
  2. Relient F

    yo all!

    Hi, I just tried to reply and when I posted it, it kicked me off or something. I had been logged in before and when I posted it gave me the "welcome, guest" thing and said I couldn't post. Understandable for guests, but I had been logged in and only been "idle" for 5 minutes or so. Anyway, I use a screen reader called JAWS. Basically, it taps the display drivers and reports what it can read either with software or hardware speech or, if you have one, a braille display. It is very overpriced though, $1000 to get authorization to use it, and every couple years or so you have to pay the company $300 to keep updated. Because of that and various windows frustrations, I am looking into Linux and it's free screen readers like Orca (gnome-orca in the repositories), speakup and yasr. I am currently running a modified version of ubuntu with some of this builtin and configured, but I think it may be against tmn's TOS to post a link? Thanks for the welcome and hope I was able to answer some of your questions PS: As far as the emoticons go, I am both going off the links and some bbCode I know, but I'm not very good at it.
  3. Relient F

    yo all!

    HI all! Well, a small introduction. My name is Derek Roberts, I am reporting from bellsouth (atnt?) and am blind, so have no idea what the pic I was required to choose when registering looks like... I am getting what I think are horrible speeds but will save that for another bored. I consider myself to be an advanced computer user but am open to learning new things. I am learning a programming language which I've heard is based off of c for a gaming platform called MOO (mud, object oriented.) Some very bad example code is: ;set_connection_option(player,"binary",1);stuff=500;while(stuff>=1);suspend(0);player:tell("~07");endwhile;set_connection_option(player,"binary",0); For those not in the know, character 7 is the bell character. When programs encounter it, they usually either play your computer's default sound or make your pc speaker beep, which is where the character got it's name. Well, that's about all the non incriminating stuff I can think to post here. Thanks!
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