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  1. nosh.... tried safe mode... that was a no gooder... naaaaaaahhhhh, frustrated to the core... PS: I can't access the smileys in here... :S
  2. nope....m sure the problem is not from the proxy or the ISP blocking the site.... it's jus a game!!!! why would they wanna block it??? Beats me.... nah somethings wrong from my side.... I haven't installed any scripts too.... I need to get back on the game or ma team mates will kill me.... O.O
  3. many things are up and a few things are down CA3LE
  4. made to run thru by ma ISP I'll try the safe mode bit.... yeah the other domain names work but only upto the home site... the moment i click to login into a server it decides to blank me... (page not found)
  5. sk8rboy19

    M Back!

    hellllllloooooo TMN!!!! Howa yeh???? it's been long since i've entered this place..... hmmmmm so poppin in ta say hello..... hope yo'll dinna get dishtubbed.... sk8rboy19
  6. Help me out please I'm using FF 3.6.3 and IE 8..... I havin a problem with them.... they do not connect to a specific site Every other site opens and will be displayed.... but this site won't..... I connect through a proxy server.... and am damn sure that the service providers have not blocked the site ( it's just a browser game- travian, if anyone knows).... I tried everything reinstalling FF but the problem remained I've posted two screenshots of the sites.... the first one is the Indian homepage of the game.... and the second one is the game server Help would be seriou
  7. sk8rboy19


    we neerds an englis ticher
  8. oh fuhget it!!!! it was a dl link for PSP12 i had checked it alredy and there's another link beside it for corel psp X2 ultimate i was referring to it cuz i cudn't remember the PSP version huess u dinna check the contents hehe yeah i did cross a line or two for that matter of laziness and of being a noob with such things hehe u said it more n more yeah gimme more n more
  9. eeeek no!!!! that is a PSP X2 download i'd say google's still the best to search anything haha i got the PSP 6 download courtesy www.oldversion.com it's a free trial tho no mud the most imp was the ultra edit without it I woudn't have scored yup IT WORKED!!!!!!! i mean i'm a and I did it!!!!!!! yay!!! thnx mud n multicav if u guys had not pepped me up then i wud not have bothered to go this far a one gun salute to ya sheesh make that two gun hehe n yea there is simple way to change ur login screen widout any software it's a registry hack/tweak but i guess yo'all
  10. oh i found the page check this hey mud can u check out a dl link for Paint Shop Pro 6 I know it's old but that's the one mentioned in the page so i wanna go wid it thnx
  11. ah mudman MS doensa give a shit abt me changing the extensions it'll still bring them back :cry: there's one thing that you can help me out with i remember that while searching for the steps to do this i saw a page where there was sumthing abt using a hex editor to change the hex values for the image files that ur using to incorporate them into the files, but i cant find it know!!! this sucks help me find it!!!
  12. I sure is sticking around until the day i cant crawl back to my laptop :twisted:
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