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  1. Ok I have 2 questions for you. If you are going to sue them unless you own the equipment wouldn't you "taking their equipment down to my shooting range here in the Colorado mountains and reducing it to a pile of junk then UPS all of it back to their CEO" open you up to a counter sue since it's not your property? That would look a little bit bad on your part and I'm sure your lawyer would agree with me on that point. Second is if your going to be adding ecostar into the suit then why not add Directv in with it since they are also partnered with wildblue as a sales partner?
  2. I just have a question for those of you who are blaming dishnetwork/wildblue...have you read the agreements and disclaimers? legal.dishmail.net has all the contract rights and disclaimers and state rather clearly in my point of view (not that it counts for much since I don't have wildblue myself) that the speeds will vary and are not guaranteed. Also for those trying to use the wildblue system as a phone section 10.4 states it's not to be used as a primary telecommunications services IE` life line or phone service, so where are people so confussed?
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