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  1. linux mint 9 is what i finally chose to go with. i was a little scared about switching from windows to linux, but mint has a very nice look and feel to it. right out of the box it does everything i want it to do and then some. has a windows kinda feel to it also. i would suggest linux mint to any new linux users. i put it on my old desktop pc and removed windows completely and havent had the urge to even look at or touch windows again.
  2. well in case any one cares or anyone else ever has a problem with their sound blaster sound card in windows 7, then the link i posted 2 posts up is the answer. or the link that mudman posted in his forst response to my problem. thats the answer, the soundblaster support pack. only problem, everytime the computer gets shut down, it forgets all your audio settings so you gotta reset your speaker settings. other than that it seems to work, i now have sound on all channels the way im supposed to.
  3. the link i posted in my last post i think is the same as what mudman posted in his first response, but for some reason that site wouldnt let me download that link. weird. but i think its the same thing, i think im on the right track now. i was to late for the edit button.
  4. this looks promising tho. ive been reading where others are having luck with this ALchemy for Audigy program...and this is what im finding http://www.getvn.com/applications/multimedia/3974-creative-sb-audigy-series-support-pack-25.html looks hopeful...maybe i can have some luck with it. im gonna try it, if it doesnt work, then ill post back and keep looking.
  5. no luck for me with any of the downloads. and my computer is too old to support virtual XP. ill just have to either be patient and hope they put out the proper support for my soundcard or just go buy a new one. Thanks for the time and help tho guys. if i ever do find anything ill be sure to post it just in case any one else has the same problem.
  6. good advice man, but i dont drive. the man took away my driving privileges a while ago....haha... but yeah, happy new year to you as well, along with everyone else on here!
  7. hmm...i didnt find that one when i looked on the creative site. ill give it a try. my internet searching skills suck i guess. thanks ill try that one too. ill let ya all know if any of them worked for me in the morning, im headed out for the night right now, so ill report back tomorrow with results. thanks guys for taking your time to look for this stuff for me. i looked for a while but couldnt find this stuff. ill let ya know if any of it works for me.
  8. well i went to Creatives website to download the drivers for my soundcard, and they have a new one that says it fixes issues in windows 7, but it only gives me 2.1 sound and not 5.1. i also downloaded the Vista driver pack for it thinking that would work, but when i try to install the vista driver pack, i get a blue screen of death and my computer shuts down, its weird. ill try that link that mudman posted tomorrow morning and see if it works. if not, then i guess its time to drop a few bucks on a newer soundcard.
  9. oh come on now, you know there is no such thing as a dumb question! but yes, i have all my plugs and jacks in the right spot, i checked and rechecked and then checked again. i even pulled my soundcard and put it in a different computer i have here thats running XP and it works the way its supposed to on that box. i know there is nothing wrong with the card, its something to do with windows 7 not recognizing it properly. im starting to wonder if it was really worth switching up from XP to Win 7 Ultimate.
  10. thanks for that mudman. i will download that from rapidshare and give it a shot. but not until tomorrow, i got some drinkin to do today seein how it is new years eve and all. so after i recover from a night of drunkeness ill check it out and let ya know if it helped.
  11. i recently installed windows 7 on my old ibm, everything works fine except my audio. i have a soundblaster audigy ls sound card, 5.1 surround. i found a driver that gets me sound, but i only get 2.1 sound and not 5.1. when i go to the sound properties, and test my sound, it gives me sound on all channels, but when playing music and movies, i only get 2.1 sound. also i cant access the creative EAX settings to change speaker settings. i have searched the internet for a week straight and still i find nothing helpful. before i upgraded to windows 7 from xp i ran a compatibility test to see if my hardware could handle win 7 and it said my sound card would work fine but it doesnt. i go to microsofts website and that says there is no support for my sound card. i dont want to have to buy a new one right now,(but if i have to, then i have to) i just want mine to work the way it is supposed to work. it seems like if i can get 2.1 sound, then there should be a way to get the 5.1 sound im supposed to get. long story short... is there any third party drivers or software, or generic drivers that will allow my card to work the way its supposed to? from looking around on the net, it seems alot of other ppl have the same issue with this card in windows 7.
  12. im on a wireless 3G internet connection, very slow, and the connectivity icon on my utorrent is always red as well. for me, there is nothing i can do about it. something with the wireless connection being permanently firewalled by the internet provider. just thought i would share that.
  13. i had a toshiba satalite laptop that did the same thing, would not show anything on the screen when powered on...the owner thought it was dead. after some looking around, i found that one of the ram slots is bad. try pulling one stick of ram out at a time and starting the machine, if it starts with one in and one out, then you have a bad ram slot or a bad ram stick. and i also have an hp laptop here, same thing, no screen on startup. this one i cant easily remedy. after some looking around, i found that there is a recall on this hp/nvidea chipset. junk die on the gpu. i think its like an instant over heat issue on the hp with the nvidea graphics built in. there is a recall, but it just so happens that this one doesnt fit in to their recall, hp wants to charge 260 bucks to repair, plus the cost of shipping to and from hp. so, unless i can find another mother board for under 250, then im afraid im gonna have to tell the owner he has to send it to hp and pay what they are asking for repair.
  14. so, i took it all apart, no out of place pins on the ram slot. and i cant see if there is a broken solder point or not. i tried the pressure thing, no luck. tried putting pressure in all possible points to make it work, no luck. if the solder on the motherboard is broken or cracked, i cant see it, but i dont have a good magnafying glass to see it so i really cant say for sure. basically, it works with only one piece of ram in, and not with both. im just gonna have to send the owner of the laptop to someone who knows more about motherboard repairs or possible replacement if he wants both slots to work. it works fine as is, and like zalternate said, he can always buy a bigger ram chip for the one slot that does work so he wont notice any difference in performance. thanks guys.
  15. and thats clever use of a guitar pick there...who would have thought...ill look into those ideas, thanks guys.
  16. well, i havent dove into it far enough yet to see if the pins are out of place, i dont know why i didnt think of that one...i was thinking broken solder, but havent taken it apart enough to see yet. and jam somehting in the back? thats a new one... might have to check that out for future uses...lmao...good idea on the pins bein out of place. ill look into that in the morning.
  17. i got a toshiba satalite laptop to work on here. running windows vista. the origional problem was that it would not start. when turned on, the lights came on and you can hear the hard drive makin some noise, but the screen stayed black. i had the idea that maybe the ram was bad, so i pulled one of the 2 ram chips out and turned it back on, and it boots up fine. so i switched the ram chip i pulled with the one i left in, still turns on, so the ram chips are both fine, but when both are plugged in, it wont boot up. the guy that owns the laptop admits to dropping it twice and you can see visual evidence that it has been dropped, and hard. now, im thinking that the top ram slot is bad, when ram is plugged into that slot, the computer wont boot. now if that ram slot is bad, is there anything i can do to fix it? ive never had this happen before, and im not very familiar with laptops, im a desktop guy. any ideas on how to fix a bad ram slot? or is it just messed up and thats all there is to it? anyone with some ideas, id love to hear em. if you want more info, ask and ill do my best to give any more details you may need about this problem. thanks in advance.
  18. ok, so i was bored, and i blew the dinky little subwoofer on my 5.1 surround sound setup on my computer, and i had two ten inch kicker comp subwoofers for a car laying here, in individual truck style boxes...im sure you see where this is going... so i pulled the dinky little 4 ohm subwoofer from the box, and the box also contains the amp that provides power to the sub and the 5 other speakers, and all are 4 ohms. the two kicker comp subs are 8 ohm. whatever, just lay em together the right way and you have a 4 ohm, two speaker connection off one speaker output. and ya know what? HOLY HELL IT POUNDS... :haha: i was quite surprised at how decent it sounds...i just thought some of you might get a kick out my ghetto sound system on my computer. see what happens when i get bored?
  19. sinister666


    so...let me get this straight....you're here openly admitting to us all that you are attempting to pirate copyrighted movies and are having no luck and now you want help? hmm.....im just gonna stop there....im not touchin this one....
  20. nice setup man...i think i just got wood looking at those pics...haha...seriously tho, i like it. i may be a little jealous...im a sucker for cool blue lights and all that....nice!
  21. well, after reading thru that post, i saw nothing useful to help me, and i tried using Advanced RAR Password Recovery, but it wanted to take 8 days, im not gonna hog my computers resources for 8 days for that, so i guess ill just give up and see if i can find the cd somewhere else, it just sucks cuz the record label it was on went under, lost the distribution deal they had, and can no longer be bought or ordered. why oh why did i put a password on this? i wish i knew what i was thinking oh so long ago....good ol Detroit Acid Rap, and its locked and i cant get into it....breaks my heart really. but thanks for the input guys, really.
  22. oh i knew the system32 folder wasnt a virus...was just saying i remember seeing somewhere on another forum that ppl were telling others it was and to delete it, just to be smart asses, alot of ppl fell for it and got real upset that they fell for it and had to reformat. like i said, im glad i knew better. some ppl are sick and thats how they get entertainment, trick others into screwing their systems up....
  23. hmm....challenging members to crack a file huh? sounds like a good idea...hahaha...maybe ill track that thread down and see whats in it. thanks again man. and let me know if you find that program you were looking for.
  24. hey its cool, im just happy that there are still ppl here that are willing to help. ive been at this all day and all night, started at like 5pm and here it is 3am and im still trying to get this thing cracked. i really have no idea why i even put a password on it, its only music...lmao
  25. wait, no, i didnt try that one, i tried the other one you had a link to before you edited your link....haha....maybe ill try that one too. anything is worth a shot
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