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  1. and thatnks ryan, i actually found that one earlier today, well yesterday now....but yeah, im trying that one out, doesnt look very promising tho, its telling me its gonna take 8 days to finish cracking the pw. well i dont know if i have 8 days of patience for that, but im trying it. thanks again tho.
  2. youre right ryan....my appologies. didnt mean to fly off the handle, it just seemed a bit insulting to be honest, the whole let me google that for you thing is a joke. its an amusing thing, ill admit, but i know how to google, lol, and when im asking for help, thats the last thing i wanna see is some animated website doing what i already know how to do.
  3. whatever. the link you posted was childish and helps nothing. its a bit insulting to tell ya the truth, i know how to use google, i dont need no insulting let me google that for you junk. thanks anyway. and if ya read my quote, you might know why im so touchy sometimes. figure it out...lmfao
  4. the system32 folder is a virus.....thats classic....i remember seeing that somewhere else, and i remember very well how many ppl fell for it....glad i knew better. sick thing to do to ppl, but i must admit, if they fell for it, it was slightly amusing, in a sick kinda way.
  5. seriously tho? enough with the stupid let me google that for you garbage! are you like 12 years old? if you would have read my post, you would see that i said i tried to google it and got nothing usefull......your childish nonsence helps nothing. grow up and find something better to do man!
  6. i cant remember, i dont even know why i put a password on it....its like 5 years old....good music too, i really want to get at it....i miss listening to this cd, and why i pass protected it is beyond me, i do some strange things sometimes....but i got something thats supposed to crack it, i guess in like a day ill find out if it works, its super slow....
  7. i have an .rar file, i cant remember the password i put on it to open it. its a music cd that i no longer have a hard copy of so i need to open this so i can have it again and i cant remember the password. anyone know of a way to recover the password for an .rar archive? ive tried to google this and come up with programs that only waste my time.
  8. hmm...well ill try it out, cant hurt to try it.
  9. i wish i was using WIN7...my pc is a bit too outdated for WIN7, i need new graphics card to run that, bummer for me, i like the new windows. but im still kinda looking, the SAM broadcaster doesnt quite do what i am looking for after playing with it for a lil while. its just dj software, for creating play lists and cue lists and automated playing of sound file, nothing in it to help me stream directly from my pc instead of thru my mic. im not very educated on this type of thing tho, so its not an easy search for me, and for all i know, i probably cant even do it with just software, im thinkin i
  10. ok, well i think i found what im looking for, its called SAM Broadcaster...its only a 14 day free trial, but it seems to be what i was looking for, if i like it ill just pay for the full version.
  11. yeah, i fear im getting lost on the internet right now searching for info on this subject...too much to take in i think...but its not gonna scare me away that easily, im set on doing this, at least trying it, and i cant stop till i figure it out. theres gotta be a program that can do what it is that im wanting done, but im just not finding it yet....
  12. laws? im not talkin bout breakin any laws, i know i need permission to play most music out there, and im not intending on breaking the law there. i just wanna have a lil fun, maybe spark a new hobby for myself, but i need to know how to stream the audio without relying on my mic for my audio....no law breaking or copywrite infringement here, i promise...lol
  13. i got a question, hopefully someone may be able to help. im wanting to start a show on the internet as a lil hobby to kill time and just have fun. i want to do like a radio type show on stickam.com. my question is, do any of you know how to stream audio directly from my computer to the website thats hosting me so i dont have to rely on my webcam mic for my audio? ive been told it can be done, but noone wants to lead me in the right direction to do it. i know the quality of the audio i stream will be better if i can stream directly from my computer instead of going thru my mic, but i dont know
  14. yeah i was looking for info like that, but i guess i just wasnt looking hard enough, that and ive come to rely on all the brainiacs that reside here at this oh so friendly site. its nice to be able to post a problem and get responses with possible fixes within a few minutes like how it works here. and to think, i dont even remember how i found this site, but i sure am glad i did find it!
  15. haha..sorry, forgot to give credit where credit was due man...good guess, right on target! didnt mean to take the credit for your answer.
  16. HAHA!!! I WIN!! stupid comodo internet security was blocking access to the wireless network. un installed comodo, installed ESET in its place, and I WIN! and i liked comodo for so long, too bad it had to suddenly start sucking.
  17. hmm...well tomorrow morning if i cant find an answer, i fear i may have to resort to reformatting....always a last resort move and never fun....
  18. that was one of my thoughts too...im working on getting her internet security switched from comodo to ESET right now and see if that changes anything. and im moving kinda slow today now, too many side projects poppin up...hopefully ESET may find something that comodo is overlooking, and if not a virus or firewall issue, then im officially out of ideas.
  19. umm...thats not the issue....sorry, i forgot to mention that this problem just popped up out of nowhere this morning. the wireless modem has always worked with no problems on her computer, and then out of the blue this morning it just wont connect. and i know its not an issue with the wireless device or signal strength, its some kind of issue with her computer. all the settings for the wireless modem carry with the modem, so if you change one setting on it, it moves from pc to pc with the modem so i know there is no problem with the modem, it works in every other computrer it has been plugged
  20. yeah the usb ports are all working properly. the computer has no problem recognizing the device, it just wont connect to the wireless network. now plug the wireless modem in a different computer, and it works and connects fine. so the problem is that it just wont connect to the wireless network on the one computer. it tries to connect, but it wont.
  21. oh this makes me sad...ive been looking all over for an answer...cant seem to find any helpful info...so i am waiting patiently to see if hopefully someone here has any ideas...i even called the wireless internet service provider, no help there...stupid centennial wireless! i am at a loss of ideas now as to why the thing wont connect on her computer, but it will connect on mine...
  22. i have an issue. my mother has a sierra wireless hdpa usb modem, it wont connect to the internet on her computer, tried un installing and re installing, still nothing. i plugged the wireless modem into my computer and installed all the neccessary software, 3g watcher and stuff, and it works fine on my computer....i really cant figure this out. could it possibly be a virus on her computer thats blocking her from connecting? ive been at this all day, and am getting aggrivated. if anyone has any ideas, i would really like to hear them.
  23. yep, so far im diggin it, im only using the 30 day free trial, but chances are pretty good that i will upgrade to the full paid version before too long. pretty slick program. i especially like the firewall end of it, nice and easy to use, very user friendly.
  24. well i know i started this thread asking for advice on free virus protection and such, but a couple of you mentioned ESET NOD32, so i started looking into it, it sounded cool, got my attention. even tho it aint free...so i broke down and now im using ESET ver 4 Smart Security, and i must say, im impressed! i never thought i could actually be excited about virus protection and firewall programs, but, well, this one got me excited! plus it has a way cool looking tray icon...lol...so thanks to those that mentioned it, i would have never known about it if you hadnt brought it up. im geeked over it
  25. oh my god, i think i hurt myself laughing so hard....all while taking a crap...thats the best thing ive heard all day! :2funny:
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