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    sinister666 got a reaction from Chelle69 in soundblaster audigy soundcard in windows 7   
    i recently installed windows 7 on my old ibm, everything works fine except my audio. i have a soundblaster audigy ls sound card, 5.1 surround. i found a driver that gets me sound, but i only get 2.1 sound and not 5.1. when i go to the sound properties, and test my sound, it gives me sound on all channels, but when playing music and movies, i only get 2.1 sound. also i cant access the creative EAX settings to change speaker settings. i have searched the internet for a week straight and still i find nothing helpful. before i upgraded to windows 7 from xp i ran a compatibility test to see if my hardware could handle win 7 and it said my sound card would work fine but it doesnt. i go to microsofts website and that says there is no support for my sound card. i dont want to have to buy a new one right now,(but if i have to, then i have to) i just want mine to work the way it is supposed to work. it seems like if i can get 2.1 sound, then there should be a way to get the 5.1 sound im supposed to get.
    long story short... is there any third party drivers or software, or generic drivers that will allow my card to work the way its supposed to?
    from looking around on the net, it seems alot of other ppl have the same issue with this card in windows 7.
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    sinister666 got a reaction from McDuff426 in Linux builds   
    linux mint 9 is what i finally chose to go with. i was a little scared about switching from windows to linux, but mint has a very nice look and feel to it. right out of the box it does everything i want it to do and then some. has a windows kinda feel to it also. i would suggest linux mint to any new linux users. i put it on my old desktop pc and removed windows completely and havent had the urge to even look at or touch windows again.
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