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  1. I would recommend Hughesnet if you can get gen4 over Dish. I've had both and Hughesnet was much better than Dish in my opinion. I now have cable and it is much better than satellite of any kind and much cheaper. Satellite is last resort if nothing else can be had. Hughesnet community online techs are good to work with and can actually communicate in english, don't bother with foreign telephone so-called techs, they're a waste of time.
  2. Hughesnet: $80.00 monthly, not bad for satellite. But next month I'm moving and will be trying Comcast, WAHOO!
  3. I'm not aware of any acceleration software.
  4. This is my result. I have Hughes satellite internet 1.6 MB package. I don't believe it's possible I can get this result, but everytimne I test it looks like this, but the normal performance I get doesn't reflect this. When I download a file it is much lower than this.
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