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  1. Sorry I Was NOT planning on helping ANYbody out in private, (ya dont get that for free lol), but thanks for your tip, I should have worded it as "If you ever need help than send me a link to your topic and I can try to respond to you there" how's that? better?
  2. I'm wondering how your Spybot is set to scan. I personally find that It's default settings are pretty weak, I would try to do some advanced settings with it, than run it in safe mode again, if it still comes up with nothing than maybe try "Spyware Terminator" or "The Cleaner" Trojan cleaner, just to be sure. I've learned to never trust Mcafee or Nortons, you can have a ton of stuff hidden and not so hidden neither of those two would find it, plus Mcafee always seemed to crap out on me after 30 days and no longer is able to self update or even run correctly, than you'd have to take it all out manually than put it all back in fresh, not to simple and easy to use, thats why i gave up on mcafee over 2 years ago, they really should be forced out of business seeing how you don't always get what you overpaid for with them. Avira is FREE and seems to work great, also the AVG-free version isn't too bad for a free version at all, you can find both at downloads dot com, Also click start-settings-control panel-administrative tools-services, scroll down and see if your automatic updates are enabled and running, also is your firewall set to not allow exceptions or maybe you accidentally, somehow managed to set it to block windows updates?(yeah that can happen), some machines have a problem with windows not being able to update even itself when the "allow no exceptions" option is selected.
  3. I have one stupid question, (though I may be a little late to help on this one), About the version of CCleaner your currently using, was it already installed when you upgraded? if so try uninstalling CCleaner than reinstall it with the latest version, I find that every once in a while after an upgrade with Micro-notso-soft an already installed program will get messed up or changed a bit and run incorrectly if at all, and remember Microsoft doesn't care, they're greedy as all hell and they got your money already, Microsoft only brown-noses/cares about corporates/business' running Vista
  4. Thanks a billion, I'll be looking for some interesting topics to jump in on,,,, DJ
  5. Hey, I'm DJ the new guy and I just thought I'd start by saying hello to everyone and let those who may ever need some windows/internet/computer help or advice know that they are more than welcome to send me a message anytime, I will get to every letter or IM as quickly as I possibly can, I will be installing a newer version of AIM this afternoon, as soon as I get 5 minutes lol.
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