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  1. i just want to ask if i need to have pldt landline 1st before i can apply plan999? ( the 1mbps plan) please reply tnx
  2. so if thats the case then ill just have to run spybot in safe mode tnx i hope this will solve my problem though im still concerned about my internet and canopy settings..well tnx anyway
  3. my problem is sometimes, (even evrytime) i open my pc..the connection is fine but after lets say 30mins to 1 hour my connection slows down then becomes none at all...but when i reboot my pc the connection returns. im just 10 meters away from the cell site so the signal is not the problem (i hope)....so i think the problem is the internet setup..
  4. ok sir i have just entered it maybe ill just call the techs (i hope they dont charge me) sorry about my poor english
  5. oh sorry sir ok here it goes.. i just got my smartbro last week and the techies made some set up in IP, DNS and canopy ryt? but my computer has been infected by virus and i have no coice to format it...my mistake was that i didnt wrote down the connection settings (IP, DNS canopy). do i need to call smartbro about this or let it be that way? NOTE: I still have connection but the IP settings is automatically obtained.. pls help me about this
  6. BUMP!!! Please do not bump threads
  7. hello po bago lng po ako d2 at sa smartbro gn2 po ksi ang nangyari... nagpkbit ako ng smartbro last week at ok nmn khit medyo may kabagalan ngaun ngkaroon ng problem ung PC ko..ngka virus yta kya no choice ako at kailangang i - format...ngaun nkalimutan ko ung canopy settings at IP at DNS settings ksi wla nmn akong alam sa mga gnun....kailngan ko bang tmawag sa smartbro pra ipaaus e2?? nung finormat ko ung HD ska nag install ng OS e may internet nmn kso lng minsan nwawala ung connection pro pag nirestart ko meron nmn. This is an English speaking forum, not many can understan
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