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  1. i have tried a couple of these progrmas once and they ended up making avast and ad-aware go crazy. So what program from the ones discussed will not do that? Also, some of the bootscreens i dl also had the same problem. thanks

    hey man....i dont have avast...and also....does it make only avast go crazy cause if it's only avast...then yea i'm not worried about it...and i already have programs that i have from microsoft and they show up as threats...so yea i'm used to it.....but thanks for the advice

  2. thanks all......

    The Conan O'Brien website has a bunch, click link and look for "Triumph" at left and down.

    Open the Michael Jackson one, funny as hell. :D

    I have a couple videos on the PC, but no way to host them.


    .and i guess i should have figured to go there first

    //edit... the videos won't load for me.....  my DU meter says like 25kbps thats' the highest it's gone...it usually is at like 1.7mbps      stupid site...  :haha:

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