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  1. greetings!

    ==> Iv'e use safari 4 since the release, it has crashed several times, on the restart, it doesn't even load all the tabs that were there when it pooped it self.  Phooey, take it.

    maybe you can click History :angel: then :grin2: Reopen All Windows from Last Session from Safari 4.

    ==>  Well wonderful review, if all that crap thats in the other browsers that I can't stand is now in safari, I chucked it, for more reasons then that, it's been slowed down due to all the site retrieval for "the wall of sites constantly updating ".

    i think pressing  :wink2: ESC will stop the update and site retrieval of topsites.

    ==> None is what I need. Nothing more then the basics. I feel that I shuld be the one tyo decide what to put in a browser, not standard slew of junk todeal with and wait on.

    how about trying Maxthon http://www.maxthon.com/ or Avant http://www.avantbrowser.com/ ?

    btw, safari 4 passed the acid 3 test http://acid3.acidtests.org/ ==> 100/100

    hope this will help.

    thank you.

  2. hi, hello! how are you?

    new member here.

    sorry, i posted my query Before i browsed the "New Members, Please Read!"

    really sorry for that. i apologize.

    is there a formula to get the "real speed" a consumer is getting from an advertised "up to speed" by most ISPs?

    i have up to 384 kpbs connection based on my ISPs contract. 

    my download is almost always about 2xx kbps while upload ranges from 90 to 100 kbps.

    am i getting what i paid for??

    thanks again.

  3. greetings!

    i'm confused about the internet connection "burst speed" and the "real/regulated/actual/common/average speed".

    i have up to 384 kbps "burstable speed", according to my ISP's contract, yet i get only 2xx kbps download most of the time. upload is about 90 to 100 kbps.

    may i know the real speed that i can get for a 384kbps DSL connection? download and upload.

    thank you.

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