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  1. Actually, if you're not in need of large quantities of either, your best bet is ebay. Right now there is a bottle of each (30g, about an ounce) for 5.50 USD. Now, I don't know the seller's shipping policies or charges, but an ounce of each for likely less than 30$ isn't a bad deal for chemicals you'd likely have to special order from a supply house (either in bulk, or 500g ACS reagent grade stuff, not necessary unless you're doing analytical work with it; that's assuming they sell to individuals as well as organizations (not usually)). Ebay can be a pretty great place to pick up nice stuff: my crown jewel of ebay purchases was 13 oz of pure sodium metal for about 50$, around 5 years ago. Still got most of it
  2. Ferric Nitrate? You could try calling local suppliers for metalworking/refining. Or, if you're inclined to ordering chemicals online, United Nuclear has some for 20$ per half pound.
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    Hey all

    Just popping in for a quick introduction Nice to meet you all. I'll start by saying I'm no network specialist, my expertise lies in a different area (I'm a chemist, so the two fields aren't exactly immediately related), but I'm certainly glad there's such a huge pool of actual specialists hanging around here.
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