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  1. Alright...I have a rather odd situation now lol. So, I remembered that I had another wireless card laying around my room and remembered that before I had the computer repaired, I had it installed. Now, oddly enough, I have both cards in my system, both being active...and my speeds have shot up to almost 600 KB/s! Knock on wood...but I have no idea how this is possible!
  2. I'm not sure if I can or not...and even if I could, I wouldn't know how lol.
  3. I have indeed looked for new drivers. As far as Windows can tell, and myself, I have the most updated drivers. I run scans everyday, so I shouldn't be infected with anything...but I'll download that program and use it anyway.
  4. Nevermind...in response to my previous post. It seems now even my Steam is crawling when downloading something. It's so slow in fact, it's physically incapable of showing a download speed. Wow...
  5. Unfortunately, I have already tried those and no dice. No matter what I seem to do, I can't get my d/l speeds up above 80-ish KB/s. It's driving me nuts! One thing I found odd though, is that my Steam client seems to work fine. I downloaded Spore and Empire: Total War last night at a steady 200-400 KB/s.
  6. Right. The router was set up by my step-mom's company, and they failed to tell us the username and password. I would reset the router to factory settings, but I'm sure it would interfere with her work. As far as I know, the drivers for the Nic are the one's that I've always used.
  7. The power supply fried and took a bunch of components with it. I didn't feel like going through the hassle myself, as I was still under warranty.
  8. Hello everyone. This is my first post here, so I apologize for any "noobishness" that may come from me. Alright: so I got my computer back from repair a couple days ago, and I've noticed that my downloading and surfing speeds are horrendous! This is a fresh install of Vista, I might add. Before I sent my computer in for repair, my download speeds were much, MUCH faster. Also, I am unable to connect directly to the router as I am on wireless. I'm not sure what my advertised speeds are, but I'm running on RoadRunner Cable internet. Here are my results: :::.. testmy.net test results ..:::
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