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  1. ask coolbuster. he's the master around here canopy anyone? i have a 5760smbc canopy i want to dispose for 1.2k. just pm me if you're interested. thanks!
  2. thanks very much for your replies. i recently needed a driver for my tv tuner card. i don't have the model anymore coz i already put it away after i got pissed looking for the driver. i sometimes do pc reformatting and installation for some of my friends and there are old pc's that don't have cd drivers anymore. i usually look for the manufacturer's websites for driver support just like sir Ryan's advice but sometimes i encounter parts that don't have brands. just models. so i'm trying to look for a great site that lets you download the drivers for free without having to download their software. I tried viewing FileHippo and it was nice. tnx sir batravishek!
  3. hello guys! am new here. just would like to ask if anyone here know any free driver download sites? most of the sites i found requires you to download their softwares first. some just keeps making loops or links TIA
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