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  1. Have you looked into the router at all ? You'll need to change that setting if yu want to get further.

    If you know yout static IP already good, if not, then you should goto  start > run > type "cmd" > in the window that comes up ( the shell, console ,terminal whatever ) and type "ipconfig / all " your IP will be in there.

    I have entered the IP in numerous times the last couple days and all I get is "internet Explorer cannot disply"  no box with settings.   :cry2:

    Fixed your quote :)

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong , but last year i read that wildblue sets static IP's to there modems, if this is so, then you'll need to enter this in the router as well in the "WAN" area which will be on the same page as the DHCP setting, I believe. Dunno if you have done that yet. 

    Yes, Wildblue does use static IPs and Hughes uses Dynamic, but that means absolutely nothing to me.  I have no idea where to make any of this changes.

  3. With the WildBlue modem unplugged from your router(router needs to give out Internal network IP's). Does all your computers get assigned a IP address each?

    As WildBlue only gives out one IP that is subject to change on a daily or every other day basis.

    Then there is the method of turning off the network. Power up the WildBlue modem first. Then power up router. Then power up Switch. And then hopefully you can keep connected with the computers.

    I don't know if the computers get assigned an IP address with the modem unplugged.  I do know all 4 were working just minutes before the change from hughes to WildBlue.  We have done exactly what you described numerous times and only the first 1-2 computers logged on get the internet.  There is an X over the line from the network to the internet on the other 2-3 computers.


  4. FIRST QUESTION. Why in the world would you switch from Hughest **TO** wildblue?  :biggun: :biggun:

    I've had both, and Wildblue is the the ***WORST*** internet service I ever had.  Hughes was alot better, but some billing issue every month.

    I've had Starband and Hughes.  WildBlue speeds are better and the customer service people speak English!  If I can't get this working I maybe cancelling at the end of today though.

  5. WE switched from Hughes to WildBlue yesterday.  Everything was working fine until the technician hooked up the Wildblue.  :knuppel2: Wireless is not working right. At first none of the computers (4 of them 2 vista, 2xp) had internet then last night 1 started working for no apparent reason (except desktop was unplugged from workgroup switch).  Today after Wildblue upgraded me to the next package (where I was supposed to have in the first place) another computer started working.  Spent hours with tech support and got my laptop working, but then the two that were working stopped working. It seems we can't have more than 1-2 connected to the internet.  All them have been working at one point or another, but only 1-2 at a time.  The problem is between the router and the internet and for some reason the first (and sometimes second) computer connected after unplugging everything for 2 minutes is the computer that has internet. I need this working 2 days ago!  I have already spent two days on this can't afford a third.  Help please!!!

    Thank you sooooooo much in advance.

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