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  1. In most cases I use one when the other is down unless I am at one of my remote sites. Still waiting for internet over the power line, it is proposed in one of my rural areas.
  2. I will be in a small town in central Minnestoa. My office building also runs on Charter, no FAP Chaarter was down in that area for 3 days due to a faulty trunk line. The Dway allowed our office to stay up and running. I have 3 remote offices running on comercial Dway. Best trick in town, Buy an extra dish off ebay and put it on your cabin, take your modem, reset network timings and keep your generator running. In your RV, try Dway by Moto Sat. http://www.motosat.com/products/internet_f1/index.html
  3. :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 2502 Kbps about 2.5 Mbps (tested with 2992 kB) Download Speed is:: 305 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (main) Test Time:: Fri Apr 22 20:57:44 CDT 2005 Bottom Line:: 45X faster than 56K 1MB download in 3.36 sec Diagnosis: Looks Great : 13.93 % faster than the average for host (charter.com) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-7DFWH59IV Yes I put your product in. No I do not have a line of sight. Yes I know that there are problems as the result of NOC network operations center. I know when my phone rings. I have nearly 1000 installs running.
  4. Do you get wireless activity with the client?
  5. Are you not the same person that thought that you could plug a router into your dway 4000 wiht out setting up a pc with internet connection sharing to the lan port, plug in your router reconfigured to a gateway and do the wireless thing? you need to keep your posts together so the professionals that hang out here can watch your progress.
  6. I do not care whom you get your service from. I support both and as of lately I have a preference to starband. For the most I do not have to call tech support and talk to the $5.00 per hour flunkies whom is instructed to not tell me that THE SYSTEM IS DOWN. I punched in 3 today and they all went flawless. 2 on TELSATT77 and 1 on GE4. Not one problem. CVACS gave me the worst reading of 1.2 on a crosspole and everyone activated on the first try. Longest call to CVACS was 4.2 Min's. Although HNS may be the biggest with 7 birds in the air and sband plugging along like they are can actually make a effort to not have to make a technician look like an idiot having to call one of there stupid support techs, request a transfer to NOC, and then have to deal with the second stupidest idiot that does not have the authority to tell you that the system is down. WHAT A LOAD OF TRIPE. If you do not know what tripe is look it up on the net. If there was anyone to complain about there internet service PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. QUIT BEING A SHEEP AND TAKING YOUR ANNUAL SHEARING AND MAKE IT AN EFFORT TO MAKE YOU INTERNET PROVIDER GIVE YOU A GOOD SERVICE minus those things that you can not control. I use cable because I can get that. DSL sucks. Dial up was 49.33333333333. I may put it in for you but I will advise anyone with any alternative to seriously consider all alternatives. I am hoping to soon join all of those, like you, for I need 120 acres out in gods country where I can take my oat burning horses out for a quick blast around the property. SATTECH
  7. I was just wondering where you were going to plug the usb cable that comes out of the dway 4000 into? Or do you have a 4020 gateway or a 4010 brighton? As I recall you need a host pc to accept the usb then you can send it out of the host through the ethernet port into a wireless router or access point, or an internal pci or external usb wireless. WHERES THE LAN? SATTECH
  8. You can double your speed and raise your FAP. You just need to purchase a pro or business class package. This all depends on the sat that you are commissioned to. Update your dway software and clean up your pc, installed software and spywarewill kill your download speed. Should be 400 to 800k sownload speed on the base package. sattech
  9. I like the fact of how SIMPLE;e this is and you are right about the firewall but this was written to get the average person up and running, most of the firewalls that I work with have been created by outside sources like fordstar etc. A firewall is a personal preference and happens to be another entity in this matter. Thanks for the input. SATTECH
  10. I like to keep things simple. You have a fixed ip with a subnet ending in 252. 1. you need a router to use more than 1 pc for the subnet of 252 will allow only 1. 2. you need the router to use your ip on the dway for your host address. 3. set router dhcp to, this will be your gateway. 4. plug in switches, access points, hubs, pc,s, etc. 5. let the router go the rest. REMEMBER PEOPLE THAT THE BUSINESS PLANS THAT HNS AND DIRECWAY USE ARE DIFFERENT THAN THE CONSUMER PLAN!!!!!!!! If you need to contact the poor saps at HNS TAG they do not support networking. Sorry to have to say that. Good luck and please restore the router to the default settings before you proceed, if the routers software is up to date it should find your dw-6000 and toll out up to 99 ip addresses starting at right out of the box. SATTECH
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