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  1. Thank you everyone sooooo much for your help. it was a squared that fixed everything in the end. You guys rock!
  2. So now my google is working, with a few glitches, I have to reenter the url into my browser cause if i just click on it, it will direct me to some other sponsored site. As for my anti-spyware, I am presently in anti-spyware hell and nothing is working. my maleware bytes will ont open at all. I downloaded www.superantispyware and then when i tried to load it, it said that google has encountered a problem and needs to close. I have also tried to download combofix, and then when i try to run it, it says the publisher can not be verified and then closes the page on me. The only t
  3. Thank you everyone for your help, somehow I got google and igoogle working again! its been soo long! yay! Now I have one more problem, my malaware bytes wont open or load, it just turns pale when i click on the desktop icon, i have uninstalled it and installe dit many times but to no avail. I just ran a spyware doctor check and it says i have over 400 infections. I dont have money to purchase it unfortunately so it will not clean any of the infections found and malware is not working due to these infections most liekly. Does anyone know what else i can try to clean these infections
  4. From au... I uninstalled and reinstalled malware bytes and it still will not open or load. Anyone know what step i should take next?
  5. So i have malware bytes anti malware on my computer but that too along with google will not open. I checked the configuation test and I can see all the icons and have no problem there. Does anyone have any other ideas to fix my sick computer? I really want google to be my main search engine and it will not load. Thank you!!!
  6. My search engine (internet explorer) will not load the google homepage or search sites. Mozilla diesnt work for me either to load google. Does anyone know what i should do to fix this problem? Instead I am presently using www.ask.com as my search engine. Does anyone know how i can fix the problem? I have tried registry cleaners and that hasn't worked. I really miss google!!!
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