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  1. Hello I stumbled onto this site and find that it may help me with my daily travels through the CyberSpace Highway. I have been on line since 1994 and still just a layman. I am a dancer who has been dancing for 15 years and can still only wiggle my arms and scuff my feet but I dance on here. I am 49 forced into retirement due to being injured in the line of duty 2006. I live in Tehachapi, California, married to a wife who is a complete sweetheart and a knockout. I have two children now adults my son Matthew who served in the US Army, 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan 2006-2007 and Iraq 2007-2008 until he was critically wounded by an EFP/IED(Expolsionary Formed Projectile and Improvised Explosive Device). Matt suffered shrapnel wounds from head to toe, multiple skull fractures, bleeding on the brain, vision issues and TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury. He was medically discharged 7/2009 rank SGT. He is still recovering from TBI. My daughter Heather husband Corporal Fotune Steele redeployed USMC 7/2009 Afghanistan and yes they are Gettin ER Done. My two nepehews also deploying to Afghanistan end 2009. I am a big supporter of all Men & Women who have served, are serving and will serve our Nation The Untied States of America. Remember to Thank a Veteran.
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