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  1. Join the club, they just tell you it is clouds or some such thing. Don't think there is much any of us can do. Mine is doing better but for a long time it was running under dialup speed most of the day. As it says UP TO such and such a speed they can get away with this as at times ( a min. or 2 a day) the speed does go up.
  2. I have the same problems. Tho the help people have been very nice considering I talk to them at least 3 times a day nearly everyday. I have a tech guy coming out but from the sounds of it I might as well skip it and save the money. This is all we have around here being in the middle of nowhere. Well we do have a little wireless co here (my neighbor gets good from them unfortunely they live on the hill, big house between me and the signal point) So I get junk signal with them.
  3. Thanks all. This happens in the afternoon and stays down all night ( well at least till I go to bed then I don't know what it does) then first thing in the morning it is working great. The people at wildblue help have been very nice and seem to be trying to help. I think I have talked to everyone of them in Texas. They have given up trying to blame my computer as when they do I drown them in pluse test. They are coming out today I'm sure they will have their hand in my pocket.
  4. Hello, I'm Valentine. Wildblue my satalite internet company has me use this site as they are trying to figure out (and not doing well at it) why my Inet slows to a crawl about mid afternoon threw the evening but speeds threw the morning hours. By crawl I mean 100k compared to morning speeds of 1500k. I understand the more people but come on. Hoping to figure something out before I have to shell out mucho bucks for them to come out. I figured I would say hello and get to know you all as I seem to spend half my life here . Thanks all take care.
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