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  1. Listen up guys i was thinking about getting starband and satalite and all of that stuff but then i went searching for diffrent ways of getting my internet connection and for some people i would say this is the way to go but you may not have it anyway go here http://www.evdoinfo.com/ good luck check that website over good the fourms and all some of you mite have a good deal with it some not just throwing this out there for you all.. bye
  2. Yes they have been pushing back the date to open, but I would rather them work the bugs out of it right now, before I sign up with them.. Now to webuser????? There prices are not very good<<< your crazy or you have somebody that can give that kind of service for lesss if there is please post here... There core plan is 49.99 and the equipment + installations is 299.99 thats VERY good if true.......
  3. Hopefully soon as Wildblue comes out we can have some REAL sat service they have good plan GREAT pric I cant wait for june to come, P.S I can only get dial up no dsl or cable sat is my last highspeed option..
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